31.10.02 - Letter to the Planning Department, TWBC - Priscilla Rawlins

Priscilla Rawlins, York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Nigel Eveleigh,
Planning and Building Control Services, Town Hall
Royal Tunbridge Wells

31 October 2002

Dear Mr Eveleigh,

Re: Telephone House - CALA Homes

I am writing to you to register my complaint and concern with regard to the proposed rebuilding of Telephone House.

I purchased a maisonette at 16 York Road earlier this year and moved into the residence on June 6th. At no time was the proposal for rebuilding Telephone House mentioned to me by the Estate Agents. Nor was it registered in the Search carried out by the solicitors. I was only made aware of the situation a few days before I moved in when I met various members of the Telephone House Neighbours Association who were holding a meeting in the street. I have been told by the Estate Agents this week that should I wish to sell my flat over the next year or two I would have no hope of getting the price I paid until the rebuilding work is finished - in two years hence ? Yet throughout the area the price of property increases daily.

On a personal note I am aggrieved that the plans to rebuild Telephone House will affect York Road which is threatened with closure to residents and visitors. As I pay dearly for Council Tax and Residents Parking Permit why should I be so inconvenienced and for such a long period ? This will also apply to all other residents of York Road. As it is there is insufficient parking space for residents in York Road during the day as shoppers park their cars in the residents bays. At night when the residents are at home, some residents and visitors to the town have to park on the pavement opposite, causing double parking to an already narrow street.

I understand that the plans for redevelopment of Telephone House involve a crane being positioned at the top end of York Road opposite the site entrance for a period of 50 days which will involve the closure of the road to residents and visitors. The timing of course will coincide with the extra traffic expected from visitors Christmas shopping and attending Christmas parties at restaurants which will cause a further difficulty for all York Road residents to find convenient parking.

Following this period the site traffic will consist of vehicles concerned with the demolition of the building followed by vehicles concerned with the rebuilding. I understand the road is still to be closed to residents and visitors over this period of two years. This restriction will cause enormous inconvenience to residents including myself for the purpose of access to their homes in their daily life, for repair or maintenence to their properties to be carried out, let alone the danger of no access for fire engines or ambulances should they be required. Personally I have some internal building work scheduled to start at the end of November for three weeks - how is the builder supposed to deliver the necessary material if the road is closed ?

York Road is a narrow one way street. When the closure takes place where are residents supposed to park? London Road is always fully occupied. Why should the York Road residents have to walk a great distance having parked elsewhere in inclement weather carrying shopping etc. ? For instance I am an OAP living on my own and I do not wish to have to walk a great distance from parking my car elsewhere especially when it is dark.

From a collective point of view I and other residents of York Road would like accurate answers to the following questions:






My final question is where are the cars owned by all the prospective residents of the newly developed Telephone House to be parked ? Also those of their visitors ? As I have explained currently there is not sufficient parking in York Road for the existing residents.

I personally think it is monstrous that the lives of so many people in York Road are to be affected and I would go as far as saying, wrecked, for such a long period.

I look forward to your early reply.

Yours sincerely,
Priscilla Rawlins (Mrs)

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