22.09.02 - Letter to Health and Safety Executive, Ashford

37 Church Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

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Health & Safety Executive
Inspector Peter Collingwood
Ashford Office
International House, Dover Place
Ashford TN23 1HU

22 September 2002

Dear Mr Collingwood

Telephone House - Unauthorized Works in the Building in February 2002

I am writing again to draw your attention to the queries that I raised in my letter of the 8 September 2002 to which I have not yet had a reply.

I understand that you have since received a copy of John Haynesí (Director of Operational Services, (TWBC) somewhat dismissive report which appears to avoid any responsibility in this matter.

Unfortunately this has done nothing to restore confidence in the administration of this Borough, therefore we must now rely entirely on your willingness to investigate this matter, and hopefully we shall not find it necessary to go public before action is taken.

Attached to this letter is the following correspondence:

31 January 2002 - letter to BT/Southgate Developments (cc TWBC Environmental Services)
6 February 2002 - e-mail from TWBC Environmental Services
7 February 2002 - e-mail to TWBC Environmental Services
11 March 2002 - e-mail to TWBC Environmental Services
9 May 2002 - letter to TWBC Environmental Services
5 June 2002 - e-mail from TWBC Environmental Services
5 June 2002 - letter to TWBC Environmental Services
16 September 2002 - letter from Crest Nicholson (copied to THNA by CALA Homes - the present owners)

You will realise that clearance work started on Monday, 4 February 2002 with several builders on the site. This must have been authorized by the owner of the building at that time, namely Crest Nicholson, as the gates were unlocked that day, and left open.

From Crest Nicholsonís latest correspondence there appears to be a complete "cover-up". The suggestion is that waste that was being cleared, was somehow "dumped" by neighbours, into an unauthorized skip. Many residents in York Road witnessed that black bags were being thrown from the top-floor of Telephone House, into the car-park below, then loaded into a skip. The skip was exchanged and chutes were installed on the North Side. The building was accessed from both Church and York Road, for approximately 10 days. In addition 4 ventilation boxes as part of the air conditioning on the North Side were also removed.

If you find it necessary, during an investigation, we can provide you with names and addresses of those who witnessed unauthorized work on Telephone House in February 2002.

Awaiting your reply with interest

Yours sincerely
Katherine Quinnell
The Telephone House Neighbours Association

What was removed from Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells, in February 2002?