22.10.02 - Letter to the Planning Department, TWBC - Katherine Quinnell

Katherine Quinnell, York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Nigel Eveleigh,
Planning and Building Control Services, Town Hall
Royal Tunbridge Wells

22 October 2002

Dear Mr Eveleigh,

Telephone House Development- 2nd Scheme of Works

When Habitat took over the Congregational Church for refurbishment and new buildings on the site of Nos. 2 and 4 York Road, a mobile crane was used in York Road, permanently damaging the kerb, pavement and cellars of the houses opposite. This damage has never been rectified and is still apparent.

In view of this, it seems a highly risky and dangerous project to use a mobile crane so close to listed houses in York Road with the additional fact to be considered, that this is a far greater development, than that carried out on Habitat.

Also, the access and egress of any heavy load that goes in and out of the BT site via York Road has to be avoided.

It is outrageous that a big property developer such as CALA Homes, should be allowed to "move in" to the BT site with a plan of construction that will make them vast profits at the expense of those already living in the area. This construction which is judged unacceptable by the vast majority of Tunbridge Wells citizens, will cause destruction to the road and properties in the area, not to mention the noise, dirt, disruption and traffic congestion in a narrow road, which will be encountered in a project of this kind.

Yours sincerely
Katherine Quinnell

cc: The Telephone House Neighbours Association

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