27.10.02 - Letter to the Planning Department, TWBC - Annemarie Topliss

Annemarie Topliss, York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Nigel Eveleigh,
Planning and Building Control Services, Town Hall
Royal Tunbridge Wells

27 October 2002

Dear Mr Eveleigh

Telephone House: CALA Homes Scheme of Works 2

Thank you for advising me of the second Scheme of Works submitted by CALA Homes.

I am unhappy that the developer has so far not accepted that he needs to construct from north to south, i.e. from York Road to Church Road, thus minimising the heavy use of York Road by vehicles totally unsuited to it and its underpinnings and that of its buildings.

I absolutely oppose the positioning and use of a mobile crane in front of my house, a listed building, grade 2. This would put its structure under severe threat which would amount to an act of criminal negligence.

The excessive usage of York Road by heavy vehicles will cause damage to surrounding and sometimes listed buildings, including my own. Up to now nothing has been done by CALA Homes to shoulder their responsibility in this area by surveying the foundations of the properties which will be impacted by the heavy weights CALA Homes proposes to move down York Road.

The suspension of parking bays is unacceptable to residents. I expect CALA Homes to provide adequate parking for all the inconvenienced residents of houses No 30 to 42 by providing paid spaces in the local car parks.

Would you please refuse the application on the grounds given.

Yours sincerely
Annemarie Topliss

Objections to CALA Homes' Second Scheme of Works for the Telephone House Development

Is CALA really going ahead with THAT scheme?