03.11.02 - Letter to the Planning Department, TWBC - Nicholas Lawrence

Nicholas Lawrence, York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Nigel Eveleigh,
Planning and Building Control Services, Town Hall
Royal Tunbridge Wells

3 November 2002

Scheme of works submission reference TW/02/02409/SUB/RCC (Telephone House)

Dear Mr Eveleigh,

With reference to the above submission and those works covered by said Scheme of Works, I would like to highlight some major concerns that I have as an affected local resident. I fully understand the wish and need to develop this site for the best interests of the community and indeed will be very happy to lend my support to the right proposals, however feel the Scheme in its current form to be utterly unacceptable due to the lack of consideration given to the practicalities for both local services and local residents.

With the experience I would expect the developer to possess, I find the proposal to use York Road as the major route for site deliveries to be incredible. A narrow, quiet residential street that takes its identity seriously could never be considered for such a task. Purely from the engineering point of view, the construction of the road is most likely to be unsuitable for the size and (just as importantly) number of deliveries proposed.

Residential roads such as York Road - although I have no specific data relating to the construction of York Road - are not built for such purposes and as such would be very severely at risk from subsidence - a danger to private structures and also to public services infrastructures. Strength in this particular case has additional implications due to the presence of cellars at the roadside dating back more than a hundred years.

Otherwise, the proposals with regard to provision made for alleviating the seemingly inevitable suffering of many local residents, particularly those near or opposite the site, appear to be poorly formulated. It must be understood by any proposer that efforts to consult and accommodate local concerns must be an overriding factor. Requests to close the road, reduce parking availability (whilst increasing demand considerably!) and make continuous heavy deliveries over two years are unlikely to be well received.

I hope that you feel these concerns to be as relevant to your decision as they are to myself as a local resident.

Yours sincerely,
Nicholas Lawrence

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