20.11.02 - Letter to the Planning Department, TWBC - Robert Soden

Robert Soden, York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Nigel Eveleigh,
Planning and Building Control Services, Town Hall
Royal Tunbridge Wells

23 October 2002

Dear Mr Eveleigh

Telephone House Development

Thank you for informing me about the scheme of works submitted for the Telephone House development.

To me it seems that what has been said over and over again proves right even at the stage of the construction: The development is too big for this conservation area. Please point me to any comparable development in this town where I could look for myself on how this will affect the life of those who have to cope with it.

Please make sure that all HEAVY LOAD traffic is barred from this road. There must be possibilities for a better management of a sensitive site like this. The actual scheme has ONLY one thing in mind, to cut developers' costs at the amenities of others.

The traffic arrangements, let alone the movement of a mobile crane on York Road, are dangerous. I understand the pedestrian area will be closed on the south side in York Road and opposite car parking bays will be abolished, so that possible damage to private cars is avoided. Do you think pedestrians are then safe on that side of the road?

Yours sincerely
Robert Soden

Objections to CALA Homes' Second Scheme of Works for the Telephone House Development

Is CALA really going ahead with THAT scheme?