From Archie Norman, MP



A Second Chance for Telephone House ? - 12.03.02

The Managing Director of Crest Nicholson, Peter Bowden, has now responded to Archie Norman's request for a meeting by writing to say that Telephone House is to be sold. This may provide an opportunity for improvement in what has become the most contentious development in Tunbridge Wells for years.

'There is now a glimmer of hope for the redevelopment of this site. This planning application has given rise to more public dissent and anxiety than any other in recent times in Tunbridge Wells. It has been a very unhappy episode with a very unfortunate history.
The final plans please no-one: neither local councillors, residents nor the developers.

It is just possible that a new developer will be open to ideas about how the scheme can be improved. We must take this chance if it arises.

This is the last major redevelopment opportunity in the town centre and in the midst of a Conservation Area, Major redevelopment sites such as this provide an opportunity to reshape the town's landscape for the better.

The Managing Director of Crest Nicholson has undertaken to inform me about the purchasers and as soon as I hear I will write to them to ask for a joint meeting with the local community".

12 March 2002

Whom are we dealing with ? - The developers of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

The support of Archie Norman, MP for Tunbridge Wells
in connection with the Telephone House development