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Urban Cramming or Urban Regeneration ?

The Project : Telephone House, Church Road and York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Citizens of Tunbridge Wells think the project looks like:
or in line with a Seafront Development, or a Ski Resort
without respect to surrounding listed buildings and at the cost of the amenities of residents of York Road.

[Government Planning Policy Guidance PPG3: 30-50 units per hectare = 12-20 units per acre -
Planning permission for Telephone House site: 140 units per hectare = 60 units per acre]

BT Telephonehouse {LEFT} - housing development Church Road/York Road {RIGHT}

But - Trevor Sutters, the Architectís epithet:
URBAN REGENERATION - Housing Development within a Historic Conservation Area

housing development Church Road/York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Many drawings, filed as evidence for the Public Inquiry in May 2001, had errors and contained misleading information.

18.02.2000 - How big was the influence of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council officers?
The Notes of Architect Trevor Sutters, London, reveal that civil servants (Conservation Strategy Officer, Alan Legg, and Development Control Manager, David Prentis) took a leading role in the disastrous design of the Telephone House Development.

DENSITY - cramming ? - lifestyle ?
High density development of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

Whom are we dealing with? - The developers of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Tunbridge Wells
The aims are to heighten peoples' awareness and concern for the controversial high density development on Telephone House site, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1