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Beaconsfield Advertiser 6 October 1999

Fight To Save Historic House
A PIECE of Beaconsfield history will be destroyed if developers get the go ahead to demolish one of the town's historical landmarks, according to a county councillor.

Councillors are furious at Cala Homes South Ltd's plans to demolish Butlers Court in Wattleton Road, and build houses and offices on the site. At a highly charged Beaconsfield Town Council meeting on Thursday, attended by more than 20 residents, councillors discussed at length the two applications submitted - the first the erection of 35 houses with new roads, parking and garaging, and the second the demolition of Butlers Court, the building of 34 houses, and the redevelopment of offices plus garaging and parking.

Beaconsfield county councillor, Margaret Dewar, who attended the meeting along with counterpart cllr John Page, said: "I am incensed by this. This building is very dear to a lot of people in the town. This would be a little bit of Beaconsfield's history being destroyed." Cllr Dewar also explained the building had been essential to the survival of the Free French during World War II, when the property was used by Charles De Gaulle's resistance fighters.

Although opposed to both applications, members of the town's planning committee agreed the first application - excluding the demolition of the main Butlers Court house would be preferable if forced to make a decision. But many councillors feel both applications should be rejected although permission to develop the site, granted on appeal and dating from 1992 already exists.

Cllr Anne Main, is determined any development on the site must strictly adhere to the planning inspector's original criteria. "We have to be careful about what they are trying to do. The second application in my view is totally unacceptable, and I feel we shouldn't have to come out in favour of the other, just because it may be seen as the lesser of two evils." Cllr Alan Walters added: There is a big strength of feeling behind this, and I'll be doing anything I can to help the residents fight this development"

Residents and councillors are particularly concerned over traffic congestion in the area, with more than 3000 children arriving in Wattleton Road every weekday to attend the three schools there.

A final decision on the applications will be made by South Bucks District Council's planning committee on October 20.

Is anyone else opposing CALA Homes' developments ?

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