Letter to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council - Director of Operational Services, John Haynes 07.03.02

Daniel Bech, York Road, Tunbridge Wells

John Haynes, Director of Operational Services
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Town Hall Tunbridge Wells

07 March 2002

Dear Mr Haynes,

Re: Request for a protection zone to terrace 6-14 York Road

The Secretary of State recently agreed to amended the list description of the terrace 6-14 York Road, Tunbridge Wells as to include the 11 massive paving slabs which form the roof of the front cellars of each of the houses.

The paving slabs fall into the curtilage of the terrace and are privately owned. They border onto the road.

In 1847 the builders of these cellars could not foresee the evolution of carriage traffic into modern motor vehicular usage. The road was surely not designed for heavy loaded trucks of our time. Actually, due to the slabs' structural purpose - serving as buttress to the front steps and thus to the houses - any accidental damage to them could result into a disaster.

Due to the unwillingness of the developers to agree to a condition proposed by the case officer of the Telephone House development, to exclude all demolition and construction traffic from York Road, these slabs are under threat.

I believe the Council should be slow to disagree that a general prohibition for heavy vehicle should immediately be introduced.

Please inform me how you wish to tackle this issue.

Yours sincerely,
Dr. D. Bech

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