Telephone House, Town Centre, Tunbridge Wells - 05.02.2003
CALA Homes, Demolition of Telephone House - Dust Control

cala homes - wooldridge demolition - dust control Dust Control - Demolition

The Scheme of Works states:
- There will be intermittent sprinkling of water as required to dampen down dust to reduce further the chances of dust escaping the confines of the building and hence the site.
- Furthermore, the demolition contractors (Wooldridge) will use water hoses externally to dampen down and control the dust arising from drilling and breaking out operations carried out during the demolition process, both within and beyond the protected scaffolding area, to further reduce the chances of dust escaping from the site.

cala homes - wooldridge demolition - dust control

Wooldridge Demolition's site manager promised to activate two additional hoses from the water board. - As you can see water pressure is not adequate. Neighbours opposite realise that water pressure drops dramatically.

CALA Homes move in - start of the demoliton of Telephone House

06.06.2002 - Is the flow and pressure of mains sufficient enough for the development?
Low water pressure hampered firefighters efforts to save Reliance House.
THNA informs TWBC Head of Planning and Building Control, Nigel Eveleigh, of their concerns that South East Water and Southern Water might not have the capacity to cope with the excessive density of the new development

What was removed from Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells ? - The Asbestos Story

CALA Homes revised THIRD Scheme of Works for the Demolition and Construction of Telephone House, Royal Tunbridge Wells