Are CALA Homes selling contemporay furniture too ? like HABITAT ?

CALA Homes advertising campaign continuation 23.10.03

The Telephone House Estate, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

CALA Homes advertising campaign (revision no. 1 ?):

CALA Homes now display a set of furniture instead of the previous scenic setting of the Pantiles.
Obviously CALA Homes choose not to show why their high density estate development on the former Telephone House site pleases no-one, but wish to show how contemporary furniture would look in a room.

If CALA Homes mean to promote 8 apartments in Block B as “Norfolk Villas”, adjacent to their 8 social housing contribution (on their brochure “whitened”), then we are astonished to see green settings through the baywindows of their latest ad-posters.
The depicted view - unfortunately for the new owners - is not accurate. The prospective flat buyers will see neighbours’ daily on goings at 12 metres opposite ( and of course present residents will be keen on watching their new neighbours' contemporary furniture ! ).

The nearest major greenery, as CALA Homes know, is about 500 metres away on The Common.
CALA Homes' layout of blocks provides no recreational facilities on their development. Instead CALA Homes opted to pay for the amenities in form of a commuted sum of Ł 14,000 in a 106 agreement with the Tunbridge Wells Bourough Council.

In the next campaign CALA Homes might show us that their ad-posters' windows, through which we can now see plenty of greenery, have to be barricaded to preserve privacy for all.

CALA Homes give a hint to that in their sales-brochure: We also believe in taking care of the practicalities.
And - as CALA Homes say:
You should never have to compromise! You simply can’t imagine living anywhere else?

CALA Homes advertising campaign

12.09.2003 - Are CALA Homes "regenerating" the Pantiles Area in Tunbridge Wells, too ?

CALA Homes continue the Telephone House saga:
- the Construction of their Estate

The Telephone House Neighbours Association informs on CALA Homes (South) Development :
CALA Group acquired the controversial planning permission for the high density development of Telephone House site, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1.