August Bank Holiday Weekend 2004


CALA Homes Show Flat

Tunbridge Wells, Church Road / York Road

CALA Homes - Affordable Housing (Block D) - Norfolk Grange - August 2004

At the entrance to CALA Homes Norfolk Grange Estate: What an amazing natural landscaping for the already finished affordable housing next door. After all it is in the eye of the beholder to judge what is a weed and what is a plant.
Where is the tree?

CALA Homes - Norfolk Grange - August 2004

Another CALA Homes promotion on the way to the Show Flat ?

CALA Homes - Landscaping Norfolk Grange - August 2004

Potemkin landscaping for CALA Homes' prospective buyers ?

The view towards Church Road will be closed - Block A is still to come !

CALA Homes - Norfolk Mews (Block C) and Norfolk Villas (Block B) - August 2004

"Look we managed to have Sky, too!" - Do TV aerial and Satelite dish enhance the Conservation Area? - Who granted the permission? Was the TWBC officer on holiday when they were installed? Who knows? Maybe CALA Homes?
By the way, Eurobell laid TV-Cable in York Road.

And a prime feature of the design? - The constellation of balconies of Block B and C.


DENSITY - cramming ? - lifestyle ?
High density development of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

CALA Homes continue the Telephone House saga:
- the Construction of their Estate

The Telephone House Neighbours Association informs on CALA Homes (South) Development :
CALA Group acquired the controversial planning permission for the high density development of Telephone House site, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1.