The sign language of CALA Homes

The Telephone House Estate, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Trinity Tunbridge Wells

Cala Homes parking managers had to translate a sign on the permises of Trinity Arts Centre - the 180 year old church land mark which CALA Homes choose to ignore in their plans.
Subcontractors obviously did not understand Trinity's message.

  • Had CALA Homes never realised that in Tunbridge Wells residential parking space is in short supply ?

  • Will CALA Homes put up "no-parking signs" for future residents of the Telephone House Estate in all areas where eventually the overspill (2nd cars, visitors' cars, delivery vans, services) will go ?

Once their overcrowded development will be completed, parking issues might cause a lot of aggrevation, not only to present residents, but to future inhabitants of the Telephone House Estate as well.

Kevin Lynes, Kent County Councillor, predicted chaotic situations in May 2001
- Speech at the Telephone House Public Inquiry, Tunbridge Wells

February 2003 - After 40 years, open views towards Decimus Burton's landmark, Trintiy Church
- only for a short time ! - CALA Homes fail to seize the opportunity to reinstate the historic landmark.

CALA Homes continue the Telephone House saga:
- the Construction of their Estate