26.05.02 - Letter to the Building Control Surveyor, TWBC - Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke, York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Patrick Arthur, Building Control Surveyor
Planning and Building Control Services, Town Hall
Tunbridge Wells

26 May 2002

Dear Mr Arthur

Thank you for your letter concerning the demolition of Telephone House on which I wish to comment.

In para 2 of "Special steps to be taken by the person undertaking the demolition." your advice is to contact the Health and Safety Executive on (01342) 334200 - I am almost certain that the correct telephone number would be (01233) 624658 as this department is now located in Ashford.

I have heard from several other residents that at some time in February, chutes were established on the York Road side of the Telephone House building. The building was known to be empty, as recalled by the residents from the site visit, together with the Inspector.
What was removed from the building?

Another point of great concern is the conflicting information released by Highways with regard to where the demolition traffic will be directed. You do omit this most vital issue in your notification. The developerís Preliminary Health & Safety Plan - Method of Works, page 21, para 2 - clearly indicates that the demolition work will start on the York Road side, and traffic subsequently will be guided through this road.

Is the Health and Safety Plan now altered? - Kindly supply a copy.

Yours sincerely
Barbara Clarke

30.05.02 - REPLY: Patrick Arthur, Building Control Surveyor, TWBC:

Dear Mrs Clarke


Telephone House - Church Road - Royal Tunbridge Wells - Kent - Demolition of building

I refer to your letter of 26 May 2002.

The Health and Safety Executive have confirmed that the telephone number given in the information sheet can be used on a 24 hour basis for contact details.

I have no knowledge with regard to removal of property/materials from the premises. I would suggest that you contact Mr P Conham of Cala Homes for any information on this matter. (Address as given on the Notice).

The issue regarding the access of demolition traffic falls outside the provisions of the Building Act 1984. I have forwarded a copy of your letter to Mrs Chambers (planning service) and Mr Highgate, Highways Service to respond on this issue.

Correspondence of Residents and the Building Control Surveyor, TWBC

What was removed from Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells, in February 2002?