Telephone House, Town Centre, Tunbridge Wells - 19.02.2003
COMPLAINTS about breach of Scheme of Works - Demolition
CALA Homes' contractor Wooldridge Ecotec

19 February 2003


To: [Malcolm Baker, Construction Director]

Complaint about breach of Scheme of Works - Telephones House, Tunbridge Wells

Dear Mr Baker

After I spoke to you yesterday, other people in the neighbourhood have expressed their concerns about the way which debris is being removed from the site.
I complained to you about the noise level when trucks are being loaded and about the inadequate water spraying causing respiratory problems and eye irritation.

You told me that in Church Road there is a further hydrant which was being used. When I approached a worker at the site this morning, he told me that there is no hydrant in Church Road and all water was coming from York Road. They were not spraying during the loading of debris and rubble as there was insufficient dust!!

Rereading paragraph 1.4 of the Scheme of Works it states clearly: "That ALL vehicles containing debris leaving the site via Church Road will be required to sheet cover their loads with tarpaulin . . . " When I asked where the tarpaulin was to cover a full truck I was told that with metal they were not required to cover with tarpaulin.

It looks to us that after only 2 weeks you have been in breach of the Scheme of Works already on several occasions.

How can we be assured that this is not continuing or even getting worse, especially as I contacted you and Mr Eveleigh on Monday on behalf of the Association with two main complaints. Now on Wednesday we realise that no attention has been paid to what has been said to you.

Please inform us of the action you intend to take. Please be so kind and answer via e-mail as it is easier for us to distribute to concerned parties.

Thank you very much

Katherine Quinnell
For The Telephone House Neighbours Association , Tunbridge Wells

cc: Nigel Eveleigh
Head of Planning and Building Control, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

20 February 2003

[ Malcolm Baker, Construction Director, CALA Homes (South) Ltd ]



Complaint about breach of Scheme of Works - Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

Dear Mrs Quinnell

Thank you for you e-mail of 19th February 2003 regarding the above development.

I have passed on your complaint to Wooldridge Demolition (Principle Contractor) and am awaiting their response, but we do not believe that they have been in breach of the Scheme of Works.

I have discussed your complaint with Mr Martin Holmans, the local authorities Planning Compliance Officer, who told me that he is generally very happy with the demolition operations, the equipment being used, and the methods employed for dampening down of the rubble is keeping the dust escape to an acceptable level. He also said that although it is not normal practice to cover metal which is transported in lorries, he has ask for this to be done.

I am sorry that you feel we are not paying any attention to your complaint. I can assure you that this is not the case and we treat any and all complaints seriously.

Malcolm Baker

23 February 2003

The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Tunbridge Wells

CALA Homes (South) Ltd
Mr. John Allan, Managing Director
Burgan House, The Causeway, Staines, Middlesex TW18 3PR


Dear Mr Allan

Last week we wrote to Malcolm Baker, your construction director, to complain about 2 issues, namely noise and pollution on Telephone House demolition site. We feel that with a little more care and goodwill, these could be reduced.

We accept that with your legalistic approach to the development of the site, your contractors have entered the community of our neighbourhood, thus in a sense, they are temporary "neighbours".

In a close community, such as this, with little space to move, we have to learn to respect one another’s daily lives, being aware, for example, that some people work as doctors and nurses, and others, too, on shifts.
So we learn to control the noise level. Therefore, we would expect the same amount of respect from those "neighbours" working in the area.

Unfortunately Mr Malcolm Baker has tried to get absolution from the compliance officer in Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, however this compliance officer does not live or work in this community, and therefore has no experience of the impact of noise and pollution, as for example, all day on Monday, 17 February, when iron girders were loaded into trucks, and early on Saturday morning when breakers were used to crush masonry.

Malcolm Baker has assured us that all complaints are treated seriously. However it would appear that reactions to our justifiable criticisms have not been constructive or positive – but the reverse.

We would appreciate it if you would investigate this matter.

Yours sincerely
Katherine Quinnell
Founder Member, The Telephone House Neighbours Association

Encl. e-mail Malcolm Baker, CALA Homes - THNA

25 February 2003

John Allan, Managing Director
CALA Homes (South) Ltd.

The Telephone House Neighbours Association

Noise and Pollution On Telephone House Site

Dear Mrs Quinnell

Thank you for your letter dated 23 February 2003 regarding the above and following on from previous correspondence between yourself and Mr Malcolm Baker.

Your complaint is most certainly of concern to me and having spoken with Malcolm Baker at some length and also following enquiries of the Planning Compliance Officer, Mr M Holmans; I am pleased to confirm that we believe all our work to date falls within the scope of the Schedule of Works.

Naturally, I am disappointed that you feel you have experienced an unacceptable level of noise and pollution. However, please be assured that I will reiterate to our subcontractors the absolute necessity to continue working within the remit of the Schedule of Works.

Yours sincerely
p.p. Rosemary Lovegrove
John Allan MRICS
Managing Director
(dictated by J Allan and signed in his absence)

c.c. M Baker

26 February 2003


[ John Allan, Managing Director, CALA Homes (South) Ltd ]

Noise and Pollution on Telephone House site

Dear Mr Allan

Thank you for your prompt reply to my letter of 23 Feb.

If we had witnessed water hydrants in York and Church Road being used to allay dust from break up and removal of debris, and if we had seen loaded trucks covered with tarpaulin, as stated in the Scheme of Works, it would not have been necessary to spend valuable time in writing to you.

We have tried hard to bring this matter to your attention in an amicable way. Unfortunately it would appear that you have received statements from officials, that they are "very happy" with the way the work is being carried out. However we can assure you that the residents are far from happy.

As for the noise, Nigel Eveleigh, was honest enough to admit that he could hear it, during our telephone conversation on Monday 17 Feb.

Katherine Quinnell
The Telephone House Neighbours Association

CALA Homes move in - the demoliton of Telephone House

Whom are we dealing with? - The developers of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

The Telephone House Neighbours Association informs on CALA Homes (South) Development:
CALA Group acquired the controversial planning permission for the high density development of Telephone House site, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1, Kent.