Crest Nicholson Residential (South East) Ltd opposes to the restriction of traffic movements in narrow York Road, Tunbridge Wells

10 March 2001

Crest Nicholson Residential (South East) Ltd
30 Hight Street, Westerham
Kent TN16 1RG

Mr Clive Patmore
Denis Wilson Partnership
37 Windsor Street, Chertsey
Surrey KT16 SAT

Dear Clive

Telephone House, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells.

Further to our recent meeting, I write to confirm my concerns with respect to the construction access arrangements for the above site.

As you are aware, our current proposal requires a construction access to be available from both Church Road and York Road. I can confirm that if both accesses [ Church Road and York Road ] are not available and we are restricted to Church Rd alone then the length of the construction programme for the project would increase a further 6 months and we would incur additional costs in the region of £250,000.

I believe however it would be possible to restrict some traffic movements from York Rd during the construction programme. For example, the majority of the demolition material could be carried away from the site via Church Rd. It should also be noted that once the basement parking for the proposals is established and safe access provided, construction workers vehicles would utilise this area for parking and therefore access would have to come from York Rd.

I trust this clarifies the situation, however should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely
Land Director

Crest Nicholson Residential (South East) Ltd
Reg. Office: Crest House, 39 Thames Street, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 8JL,
Reg. Number: 918067, England -A Crest Nicholson Company

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Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

York Road, Tunbridge Wells, a one way road accessed from London Road

January 2003 - Interactive Map of the area of the Telephone House Development,
explaining the traffic flow around the Church Road / York Road Block in Tunbridge Wells