Telephone House, Town Centre, Tunbridge Wells - 13.02.2003
CALA Homes' contractor Wooldridge Ecotec Demolition

cala homes - wooldridge demolition - york road across telephonehouse site to church road
Soon - the open view from York Road across Telephone House site to Belvedere Terrace on Church Road

cala homes - wooldridge demolition - water supply for telephonehouse site
The water supply for spraying on site seems again not to be sufficient - the tube is kinked. Dampening to prevent dust looks more like a symbolic gesture.

Are we right in questioning the adequacy of water supply

  • during the construction period ?
  • for the fire brigade ?
  • for the existing residents who suddenly have to share the existing infrastructure ?
  • for future residents of the extreme high-density development ?
What precautions will be taken that during a drought we do not end up in impossible situations?

11 February 2003 - Water threat to new homes plan
Peter Madden of the Environment Agency said the location of the developments should also be carefully considered: "We want to make sure what we build does not increase the risk elsewhere."
The MPs also heard that the problem of supplying water to the homes and giving them proper sewage facilities had not been given proper consideration.

CALA Homes move in - the demoliton of Telephone House

The Telephone House Neighbours Association informs on CALA Homes (South) Development :
Telephone House, Church Road / York Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1