Response from Tunbridge Wells Highways Unit / Kent Highways - 05.09.02

TUNBRIDGE WELLS HIGHWAY UNIT (High Manager James Whitehorn) Hall, Royal Tunbridge Wells
Contact officer: R A Smart
Telephone 01892 544835, Ext: 2038 -
Fax: 01892 514822
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Our ref: 3022/T

Date: 05 September 2002

Ms A Topliss
The Telephone House Neighbours' Association
Royal Tunbridge Wells

Dear Ms Topliss

Temporary traffic orders

Thank you for your letter dated 19th August 2002 concerning possible temporary traffic orders during the works at the Telephone House site.

Requests for temporary orders are submitted by a company, or individual, who requires some form of temporary restriction to enable planned works on or near the highway to progress safely and in a reasonable manner. Such requests are dealt with by the Council, acting under powers granted by Kent County Council and in accordance with both legal and County requirements. There is a six week lead time for any request as this is the time needed to complete all our required processes. The Council is required to consult with certain statutory consultees (Police, Fire and Ambulance in particular) and to then advertise any proposed temporary order. This is done in a local newspaper and by public notices on street and usually occurs four weeks before the order comes in to effect. This is for information only as there is no right for the public to object to any temporary order. Two weeks later, the order is made and the fact is advertised in the same way.

Should CALA Homes decide that a temporary order is needed for them to undertake their works, it will be considered in the same way as any other such request and a decision made by officers on whether or not the request should be granted. In making the decision, we consider whether or not the request is reasonable and whether any alternative routes are satifactory. We will not judge, or be influenced by, any comments relating to the merits, or otherwise, of the construction work which has led to the request being made. We cannot require GALA Homes to give more notice than the six weeks stated above as it would be discrimatory nor can we deal with their request in any special way. I would suggest tnat you maintain your contacts with CALA Homes and hopefully they will advise you well in advance of their intentions and you can then can effecitvely influence their plans. For your information, we have not, to date, received any request in relation to works at Telephone House.

Yours sincerely
R A Smart

Senior Traffic Engineer

c.c. Councillor Weeden, Highways Portfolio Holder


February 2003 - CALA Homes take over traffic management in the town centre of Tunbridge Wells !

Traffic and Parking in the Telephone House Area, Tunbridge Wells