Letter to Transportation & Highways Services Manager, TWBC - 15.08.2002

37 Church Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

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Tunbridge Wells Boroug Council
Chris Briggs, Transportation and Highways Services Manager
Town Hall, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RS

19 August 2002

Dear Mr. Briggs

Telephone House - York Road
Restricted Parking - Road Closure - Structural Damage

At an informal meeting on 13 August 2002 with CALA Homes (South) Ltd, the new owner of the Telephone House site, and chaired by Cllr Roy Bullock, Mr Nigel Eveleigh made us aware that we needed to address our concerns about the above mentioned points to the Highways Authority. The underlying document for discussion was the proposed Scheme of Works submitted by CALA Homes (South) Ltd.

Certain matters could not be addressed because CALA Homes had stated in their Scheme of Works that suspension of parking bays was currently investigated with a submission to the Highways Department. Would you please ensure that residents would be consulted in this matter.

A matter of even greater concern is the proposal to position a mobile crane in York Road entailing road closure on several occasions and for unforeseen periods of time. At the said meeting, the developer advised us that there is a possibility of using the luff crane on site to unload from the vehicles, but this would disrupt the workflow.

We believe that it is neither a sufficient reason nor in the public interest to propose closing York Road.

Would you please ensure that before any decision is taken by your department, residents will be included in the consultation process.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely
Annemarie Topliss
The Telephone House Neighbours Association

cc: Cllr Ronald Weeden

February 2003 - CALA Homes take over traffic management in the town centre of Tunbridge Wells !

Traffic and Parking in the Telephone House Area, Tunbridge Wells