27.05.02 - Letter to the Building Control Surveyor, TWBC - Samuel McDowell

Samuel McDowell, London Road, Tunbridge Wells

Patrick Arthur, Building Control Surveyor
Planning and Building Control Services, Town Hall
Tunbridge Wells

27 May 2002

Dear Mr Arthur

Your ref: 02/00026/DEMOLI - Telephone House - Demolition

I duly received your letter and enclosure sent to The Occupier at the above address.

You may not have seen an earlier letter I sent to the Planning Department dated 22 April 2002 expressing concern that CALA Homes were proposing to ignore the condition imposed by the Inspector on appeal that demolition material be removed by way of Church Road, and requiring the developer to submit a scheme of works identifying points of access at each phase of the project, for approval. Furthermore, CALA Homes it seemed, intended to ignore the Western Area Planning Authority's recommendation that there should be no vehicular access to and from the site from York Road during demolition and construction.

Although I sought an assurance from the Planning Department that the developer would be required to observe the conditions and recommendations, unfortunately I have not received a response.

I attach a copy of my letter of 22 April for your information.

Letter to Planning Department, TWBC

Yours sincerely
Samuel C McDowell

28.05.02 - REPLY: Patrick Arthur, Building Control Surveyor, TWBC:

Dear Mr McDowell


Telephone House - Church Road - Royal Tunbridge Wells - Kent - Demolition of building

I refer to your letter dated 27 May 2002.

I would advise that our letter of 21 May 2002 and Notice copy enclosure was provided on an information basis in accordance with the requirement of Section 81 of the Building Act 1984.

The issues outlined in your letter fall outside the scope of the provision within the Act.

I have forwarded a copy of your letter to Mrs Chambers in the Planning Department with a request to respond directly on these matters.

Correspondence of Residents and the Building Control Surveyor, TWBC

Is CALA Homes really going ahead with THAT scheme?