Letter to Tunbridge Wells Borough Council - Planning Department 22.04.02

Samuel McDowell, London Road, Tunbridge Wells

Planning Department
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, Town Hall
Tunbridge Wells

22 April 2002

Dear Sirs,

Telephone House Church Road -
CALA Homes' Method Statement / Scheme of Works

As I mentioned in previous correspondence [August 2000], although my postal address is London Road, the house in which my flat is situated is on the corner of London Road and York Road and the wall of my flat which is in the basement is within three feet of the footpath on the south side of York Road.

It is therefore of great concern to me and my family to learn that the current owners of the Telephone House site, CALA Homes, in the preliminary Method Statement / Health and Safety Plan for the demolition of the building, are proposing to ignore the condition imposed by the Inspector on appeal that demolition material be removed by way of Church Road, and requiring the developer to submit a scheme of works identifying points of access at each phase of the project, for approval. I understand further that CALA Homes intend to ignore the recommendation of Western Area Planning Authority that during demolition and construction work, there should be no vehicular access to and from the site from York Road.

As I have said previously, I am very much afraid that if heavy demolition and construction traffic is to access the site from York Road, this will almost certainly result in some structural damage to the properties along York Road to say nothing of the damage to the surfaces of the roadway, the services beneath, and footpaths including original paving slabs. On the, thankfully infrequent, passage of heavy vehicles along York Road, the vibrations through the walls and windows is quite horrendous and if repeated at frequent intervals would be totally intolerable.

I would therefore seek an assurance that the developer of the site will be required to observe any conditions imposed as well as the Council's recommendations.

Yours truly,
S C McDowell

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