Agenda for Meeting with Crest Homes & Fountain Flanagan Briscoe Associates, Architects

1st Planning Application for the Development of Telephone House site, Tunbridge Wells

Wed. 19 January 2000

1. Why are the residents of York Road so concerned ( letters )
2. Summary of objections and suggestions
* Traffic issues
* Parking issues
* Sky line issues
* Habitat issues
* Construction issues
* Service issues
* Suitability of application
* Public notice issues
3. Next steps

- Ken Munday, Crest Homes - Derek Briscoe - Dan Flanagan - Daniel Bech - Peter Morse

  1. Concerns:

    Residents are afraid that " bulk, size and height of the existing office building " will not be reduced by the proposed planning.

    • The site is as big as 1/3 of the right-side of York Road and the left-side of Dudley Road together.
    • The planned size of Block 1 alone would be in excess of even the Trinity Church.
    • The proposed 42 flats could provide accommodation for 2/3 of York Road's actual

  2. Summary of objections and suggestions

    • Traffic

      • Increased volume of traffic
      • Pollution and congestion
      • All access via York Road ?
      • All traffic directed into town centre
      • Road maintenance
      • Road safety (result of more on street parking, increased use)
      • Traffic studies carried out ?

    • Parking

      • Not fully underground Only one space per flat
      • Already over crowded and much illegal parking in York Road
      • Public safety issues : foot path blocked Fire Services & Ambulance access ?
      • Parking survey ?

    • Sky line

      • Not in synchrony with existing buildings:
      • much higher than neighbouring houses
      • up to two floors higher than houses directly opposite (height of buildings takes the light off - ancient light issue)
      • Completely obliterates views from London Road and York Road (upper end) towards Trinity Church

    • Habitat

      • Buildings not set back like neighbouring houses,all with front garden
      • Privacy issue: neighbourhood watch in the most negative way
      • Destroying the existing trees
      • No replacement for this - internal courtyard does not benefit the public
      • " Tunbridge Wells in Bloom "

    • Construction

      • Traffic via York Road too heavy
      • Street too narrow built
      • Double parking frequent
      • Illegal parking on yellow line / pavement
      • No passage for lorries - blocking the road
      • More logical via Church Road
      • Road maintenance
      • Structural damage to properties
      • Likely vehicle damage

    • Services

      • Guarantee of mains services coping ?
      • Expanding of mains
      • Irregular usage from office in the past - not residential
      • 42 flats = considerable strain on water electricity gas sewerage

    • Suitability

      • No benefits to present York Road residents
      • Out of line & unrelated to existing York Road buildings (rendered facades)
      • Diverse supply of housing : Housing Association v Penthouses
      • Housing at cost of amenity (neglected underground parking & leisure areas)
      • No play areas for children (Housing block possibly gated off)
      • Character differences between York Road ? Church Road not considered.
      • Opportunity to correct the predecessors' error

    • Townhouses more appropriate than purpose-built blocks of flats

    • Public notice

      • lack of notification & consultation

  3. Next Steps

    • Openness
    • Keeping residents informed

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