9 May 2001 - The letter of Barton Willmore,
informing the Planning Inspectorate of Policy H6(a) / Telephone House, in the Tunbridge Wells Local Plan

Unanswered - who made the developers' agent aware of it ?

The Planning Inspectorate
3/07 Kite Wing
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6PN
For the attention of Mr D Shoreland - Case Officer

YourRef: APP/M2270/A/00/1054946
Our Ref: 9896/A3/JA/js/djg

9 May 2001

Dear Sir


I write with reference to the above, and to the Public Inquiry held on 1-4 May inclusive. Having regard thereto, it has been drawn to our attention that during the course of the Inquiry, the Local Planning Authority published the agenda for the meeting of their joint Central Board and Operational Services Board (to be held on 10 May) wherein the matter of the Tunbridge Wells Borough Local Plan Review was to be discussed, in particular the initial Deposit Draft thereof.
Having reviewed this document, we were surprised to note that the above appeal site has in fact been made the subject of a specific policy designation in the proposed Deposit Draft Local Plan (Policy H6) which states:

"The following sites, as defined on the Proposals Map, are allocated for residential development in the period 2001-2006. The Local Planning Authority will seek the access, density, form, layout, dwelling mix, landscaping, recreation and education provision for these sites as set out below. Comprehensive development of each site is sought. Sites may come forward for development in phases, but proposals for development of part of a site which would prejudice eventual development of the whole allocation will not be permitted.


Site Area: 0.32 hectare (0.8 acres) net developable

Density: The site should provide a minimum of 40 dwellings at a net density of 130 dwellings per hectare.

Form, Layout and Landscaping: Both Church Road and York Road should include frontage development, to follow existing building lines, restoring the Victorian urban form which still exists in thevicinity of this site.

On Church Road, the existing building line frontage is set back and this should allow for the creation of a landscaped area to reinforce the green corridor of Church Road/Crescent Road.

On York Road, the building line should create a sense of enclosure, reflecting the depth of front gardens in the surrounding residential areas.

Within the site there is potential for incorporating further development to create a series of linked spaces, by use of hard and soft landscaping.

The introduction of public art should be considered as part of this development.

Dwelling Mix: A dwelling mix in accordance with POLICY H2 will be sought. An element of affordable housing will be sought in accordance with POLICY H3.

Recreation and Community Provision: A contribution towards recreation open space including children’s playspace will be sought in accordance with POLICY R2.

A contribution will be sought towards the provision of local school facilities in accordance with POLICY CS4.

Access: Pedestrian access should be provided to Church Road.

Cycle parking should be provided within the development in accordance with POLICY TP9.

Vehicular access from York Road is preferred.

Car parking should be provided in accordance with POLICY TP6.

The Local Planning Authority's decision to formally designate the appeal site, is in our opinion material to the Inspector's determination of this appeal, and, given that the report to the joint Central Board and Operational Services Board was published during the course of the Inquiry, we are surprised that its contents were not divulged either to ourselves or the Inspector.

In the circumstances, we would appreciate it if a copy of the enclosed could be forwarded to the Inspector for his consideration in determining this appeal.

Thanking you for your assistance in this regard.

Yours faithfully

Ruth Chambers - Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Andrew McPhillips - Crest Nicholson
Ken Munday - Crest Nicholson
Mark Kelly - Southgate Developments
James Owens - King Sturge
Trevor Sutters - The Sutters Partnership
James Thomas - Rothermel Thomas
Clive Patmore - Denis Wilson Partnership

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