Images of Royal Tunbridge Wells Town Centre
Calverley Road / Pedestrian Area - July 2002

Calverley Road / Pedestrian Area

In 2001 the pedestrian shopping area was revamped and followed a design by Alan Legg, project manager, TWBC. Project costs were 255,000 this included consultation and survey.
Mr Legg said:
"We are extremely pleased with the success of the project."
Those not agreeing with this statement may wish to refer to a more widely known quotation from the same officer in connection with the Telephone House development design brief (a project of over 10,000,000): "View in Tunbridge is that any change is bad, even if it is for the better."

If, however, you read through the Conservation Area Appraisal, November 2000 (by Alan Legg), you will soon realise that most of his descriptions are realistic.
For example on Calverley Road he comments:
"None of the building frontages is of particular note . . . Shop fronts and signage are dominated by the corporate image of national retailers, and some co-ordination could help to restrain the impact and allow the street character to be expressed."
One could only add: look at the clutter which has been added: bollards, CCTV cameras, sign posts etc . . .

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