Courier 1 March 2002 - LETTERS section Page 33

Vested interests ruin show

Quashed by the board

Re: Courier Article 15/02/02 - Planning practice lessons learned

I have followed with great interest all that has been published about the "Lessons to be learned" on the Telephone House saga.

Residents of this town know now that an important proposition, by Cllrs Bullock and Price, to bring some democratic changes to the planning department, has been quashed by the Operational Services Board.

I remember that the chairman of this Board [ Councillor Paul Oliver-Smith ] wrote last year to residents of York Road that he was out of the country when it was decided not to appeal against the planning inspector’s decision on Telephone House.

He wrote that he just came back from China. Would it have made any difference if he’d come back from Switzerland?

Barbara Clarke
York Road
Tunbridge Wells

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