Courier 02 November 2001 - LETTERS section Page 29

Faults in planning system

I find the issues raised by our MP Archie Norman and described in your October 9 issue to be alarming, describing as they do apparent chaos in the working of our local planning department and the effect of this on the very important Telephone House site in Tunbridge Wells.

I think disturbing to read the chief executive's reaction about what happened. What is worrisome is his statement that "a senior officer is looking into the issues raised".

My own planning experience, which was concerned with a block of new flats in Frant Road, left me concerned about some of the local planning procedures and with that background it seems to me to be inadequate to have a senior officer of the staff look into the issues raised by Telephone House. They go beyond just one case and require investigation by an external individual who is seen to be impartial.

It seems to me essential that the buck stops with elected councillors as they are the only people that the citizens of this town can hold properly responsible.

Hubert Cove
Frant Road, Tunbridge Wells

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