Courier 02 November 2001 - LETTERS section Page 29

Faults in planning system

I have lived opposite the Telephone House car park area for 30 years and BT is doing little to improve my view. Earlier this year I wrote asking them to clean up the site. A letter promising to do this arrived, but nothing was done.

Crest Nicholson once assured me that they would pay for an independent surveyor to advise me concerning my Rights of Light. Recently they wrote to the effect that this was no longer necessary.

Now I learn from the Courier that Crest Nicholson claims that planning officers discouraged them from direct contact with residents.

However, they were very willing to adapt to a scheme designed by the Conservation Strategy Officer whom they quote as having said: "View is that any change is bad, even, if it is for the better."

We may never discover just who was responsible for the proposal of this disastrous development but if it is finalised it is already clear who the losers will be.

Katherine Quinnell
York Road, Tunbridge Wells

Whom are we dealing with ? The developers of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells

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