Courier 6 April 2001 - LETTERS section Page 26


We, the Telephone House Neighbours Association, are in favour of the redevelopment of the Telephone House site, but it needs to be done sensitively, taking Tunbridge Wells' special character into account.

Cramming an excessive number of dwellings into a relatively small site is to the detriment of everyone around, the prospective residents included, and shows no respect for our conservation area.

The scale of the proposed redevelopment would overwhelm the area with its many listed buildings. The appellants, Crest Homes/BT, propose a development three times government guidelines in terms of density.
Why should the appellant be allowed to spoil this area for our grandchildren and generations to come?
We do not need another BT House monstrosity in its place.

Parking is already a major problem and would be severely exacerbated. On such a central site one expects parking to be put fully underground as above is already oversubscribed.

One creates green areas and does not propose to fell established trees, which are a feature in York Road, when Tunbridge Wells campaigns to have residents plant trees.

We all tried hard to find something in the proposed plans which looks better than the actual Telephone House - we did not see it.

Annemarie Topliss
The Telephone House Neighbours Association

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