Courier 08 February 2002 - LETTERS section Page 34

No respect shown for us

Article: - Left to pay the Telephone Bill (Friday, 25 January 2002 - front page)

Mr Martin Harris, the Borough Solicitor and Secretary, is rightly concerned about the appeal cost in the Telephone House inquiry.

He should also have thought of the losses, which will be suffered by the residents of York Road, by the drop in value of their properties, if this over-bearing development goes ahead.

It shows no respect for both, future and present residents, for their privacy and their Rights of Light.

If only council officers had supported the wishes of councillors and residents for a sensitive development in this conservation area, we would all now be benefiting instead of reviewing the future prospects with deep anxiety.

Katherine Quinnell
York Road, Tunbridge Wells

This letter was published as well in Kent Messenger Extra on 4 February 2002

Why were Local Plan policies and planning guidance not followed for Telephone House ?

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