Courier 11 August 2000 - LETTERS section Page 14

Poor design

With reference to the application TW/00/1474 /FUL/RCC Telephone House, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells.

This hideous building was erected under a post-war Government indemnity of planning control.

We are provided now with an opportunity to replace it with a structure which would enhance the amenity of this prominent conservation area of our town.

I suggest those who might wonder why the above proposal is for a development of such poor design will need to look no further than the patent consequences of a little publicised requirement for a large percentage of the flats built to be given over to that which is euphemistically described as "affordable housing".

The reality in succinct terms is back door subsidisation by trading planning consent through a section 106 agreement at the opportunity cost of the very conservation policy to which our local authority purports to be committed.

On an entirely separate issue of concern it is noteworthy that this application will be determined by a committee who sanctioned recently the philistine commercial flue structure behind the Italian restaurant at number 31 in the same road.

I fear that those entertaining the hope that Telephone House will be succeeded by a building of inspired design are due for a rude disappointment.

Belvedere House, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells

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