Courier 13 July 2001 - LETTERS section Page 33

Local plan - make your voice heard

The Draft Local Plan has aroused considerable and justified fears among members of the public, (2,900 houses set to be built by 2001, Courier, July 6) particularly in its acceptance of the central government direction the bulk of these additional housing units should go onto brown field sites ie the centre of town.

The public is concerned about what exactly is proposed for their neighbourhoods and how they should challenge decisions made on their behalf by the council.

It is our view they should attend the display at Royal Victoria Place on July 26, 27 and 28 to see detailed plans, then formulate points they wish to make and then see their councillors with those points.

To make this easier for residents of the Culverden Ward, there will be a surgery at 84, London Road, Tunbridge Wells on August 8 at 6pm, and another on September 5, same time and place, at which their views can be discussed and forwarded to the council.

Cllrs David WAKEFIELD, Leonard PRICE and Kevin LYNES
London Road, Tunbridge Wells

INFO: - Councillors of Tunbridge Wells Culverden Ward, in which Telephone House is located:
18 October 2000: Cllrs Price and Lynes voted against the Telephone House development at the Western Area Planning Committee. [Wakefield: no member]
2 May 2001: All 3 Cllrs of Culverden Ward spoke against Telephone House development at the Telephone House Public Inquiry.
23 May 2001: Cllrs Lynes and Wakefield voted for the Local Plan including Policy H6(a) allocated for Telephone House site at the Full Council meeting. [Price: absent]

Bizzarely, Policy H6(a) allocated for Telephone House was identical to the two refused planning applications for the Telephone House development.
Policy H6(a) is the most controversial document, produced by the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council, leading to the Telephone House Debacle

the MP for Tunbridge Wells and Members of The Telephone House Neighbours Association

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