Courier 17 November 2000 - LETTERS section Page 14

Telephone House, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells

Eye sores

A clear message had been sent by the councillors of the Western Area Planning Committee to developers of Telephone House in Church Road and to the officers of the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council: To get rid of an "eye sore" does not mean to exchange it for something worse.

Approval will be sought on 16 November for the draft Tunbridge Wells Conservation Area Appraisal to be adopted by the Borough Council as material consideration in assessing planning applications.

As no one in the vicinity of the Telephone House seems to be aware of this document and as the appraisal was developed without the input of residents of this area, we can only hope our concerns, which we tried to make so clear to TBWC during the process of the last planning application for this development, will be taken into consideration.

Robert Soden
York Road , Tunbridge Wells

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