Courier 25 May 2001 - LETTERS section Page 33

Residents association to be congratulated for case to conserve local area

I was present for all four days of the Public Inquiry concerned with the proposal to demolish the British Telecom building in Church Road and the redevelopment of the site.

The York Road Residents Association is to be congratulated on its presentation of its case, a case approved by several hundred people in and around Tunbridge Wells.

The developers presented their case for overturning the Council's rejection of their proposal through a formidable legal and professional team - a reflection perhaps of the profit they hope to make.

If "justice and fairness" are to be done the Inspector from the Department of the Environment hearing the appeal should reject it and thus permit an alternative scheme to be put together which would truly enhance this important conservation area for the benefit of the York Road residents as well as the wider community.

If unhappily, the present scheme is approved my experience has taught me that the Residents Association and others need to be aware that "Conditions" may be attached and that such conditions will almost certainly be unenforceable by the Council - such is planning law.

Further applications to the planning deaprtment by the developers may follow to enhance the approved scheme for their financial gain to which the Council again may not be able to refuse.

Anthea Cove
Frant Road, Tunbridge Wells

15.01.01 - Statement of Case by The Telephone House Neighbours Association
for the Telephone House Appeal and the Public Inquiry May 2001

Councillors of Culverden Ward, the MP for Tunbridge Wells and the appellants' QC

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