Kent Messenger Extra 1 March 2002 - LETTERS Page 2

New homes at risk over parking crisis

Re: Your invitation to comment on the article KM Extra 1st February 2002-
No easy answers for our Mr Traffic

There is one single statement of Mr Whitehorn which struck me:
"Clearly using trains and buses can help, but then again it has to be accepted people are unlikely to leave paid-for cars simply standing idle."

During the consultation period over the Telephone House development, residents of York Road gave their comments in exactly this tune to the Council, but their concerns were dismissed.

With the planned cramming of more and more dwellings into the town centre, we will witness the situation becoming unbearable; for traffic reasons alone, the sustainability of the new developments will be at risk right from the beginning.

Luxurious developments often need two parking spaces per dwelling. Commuted sums in lieu of parking spaces will push the situation to the extreme. The possible introduction of a workplace parking levy is yet another folly - another carpark is not a solution, as the best parts of the town are already littered with these ugly monstrous buildings.

Drastic solutions must be sought. Developers have to be convinced to dig: to provide underground car-parking for their developments. I would even go so far as to suggest that some of the town’s car-parks could be adapted to provide underground spaces as well.

Mr Whitehorn knows that he has a crisis on his hands; and that unless he does something to relieve the pressure on parking in the town his whole traffic strategy is going to collapse.

Barbara Clarke
York Road
Tunbridge Wells

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