Courier 21 January 2005 Letters

Time for clean sweep (1)

I agree with the Editorial comment that any new chief executive for Tunbridge Wells Borough Council must not be hampered by old thinking (Courier, 7 January 2005).

But who is going to appoint this new chief executive ?
- The councillors who have allowed the current one to stay in post so long ?
- The Cabinet which has been publicly denounced as unable to work together, a dominant party that is split and has disenfranchised many of its representatives ?

The biggest risk is that the council appoints a "safe pair of hands". What we all want is someone who can address the issues that place this council in the bottom 10 per cent.

The maxim "Don't be afraid to ask for help" applies.
The councillors should be asking for help on
- sourcing any new chief executive;
- how best to identify and select the successful candidate;
- how the Cabinet can work together more effectively;
- how to engage with more stakeholder groups;
- how to bring expertise and passion back.

Can I suggest that people write to their councillors and ask them what they are doing to address the issues that are now so publicly aired?
At least then they will feel accountable to interested residents and if their answers are just flannel and platitudes, suggest they step aside and contribute positively to the clean sweep the Courier suggests.

Hugo Pound
Court Road Tunbridge Wells

Time for clean sweep (2)

Congratulations on a very measured and thought provoking comment concerning the alleged plot to remove the chief executive of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council (Courier, 7 January 2005).

If only it was as easy as that, but I fear, the problems are manifold.

That this borough deserves a far more enlightened, professional and visionary authority, is true, but there can be no quick fix or painless solution.

Apathy, lack of political will and sometimes what appears to be an arrogance on the part of councillors and officers has contributed to the position in which this authority now finds itself.

Nothing less but the finest team should be considered to take Tunbridge Wells forward. Remember, Royal Tunbridge Wells is a national treasure and our council appears to have lost sight of this.

John Scripps
Prospect Road Tunbridge Wells

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