Archie Norman, MP, meets again the Telephone House Neighbours

Date: Friday 2 November 2001, Noon

Participants: Archie Norman, Juliana Leonard, Barbara Kyriakou - Roy Bullock, Leonard Price - William Bennett, Daniel Bech, George Lawson, Katharina Mahler, Annemarie Topliss, Peter Scott, Kevin Wilkinson

Discussion points:

  1. The culture of secrecy at the Town Hall

  2. To T.H.N.A. Councillors look like "the rubberstamp" of Senior Officers
    e.g. 23 May 2000 Full Council Meeting: Local Plan
    e.g. 26 July 2000 Operational Services Board: Challenge of Inspector’s Decisions

  3. The Chief Executive resents ANY criticism of officers

  4. The Chief Executive seems to spend more time on covering up faults/errors than dealing with the issues which should lead to disciplinary actions in various departments

  5. Draft Local Plan Review - Policy H6(a)

  6. Telephone House Development - Negotiating with the developers

Supplementary Notes for Meeting (02.11.01) with Archie Norman, MP for Tunbridge Wells

What went wrong with the Telephone House Planning Applications?
The uneasy questions to the Chief Executive Rodney Stone and other senior officers of TWBC

The support of Archie Norman, MP for Tunbridge Wells
in connection with the Telephone House development