CPRE KENT e-mail response - clarification of 58 PPG3 (Density)

Subject: Planning Policy Guidance Note 3 - interpretation of Para.58

Date: 12/11/00 2:59:52 SA Eastern Standard Time

From: cprekent@dial.pipex.com (CPRE Kent)

To: TWYORKROAD@cs.com [as of 2002: TWYORKROAD@aol.com ]

Apologies for this late response to your Email of 22 October. I was out at public inqiries for a lot of November and on brief visits to the office could not get on a computer with an Email facility - mine doesn't have it. Nor could I find your phone no./address in the phone book!

I think the point you raise is likely to be battled out at inquiries and elsewhere before the dust from PPG 3 settles. It is quite a radical document. Meanwhile there are two points one could make in my view:

1. PPG 3 is primarily about making better use of land, not pushing a dogmatic density figure;

2. In the Kent Design Guide, which is backed by T Wells BC (and the HBF!) and so should by now have been adopted by them as supplementary planning guidance (i.e. a material planning consideration), your point is covered in the chapter on maximising use and increasing density. Para.8.4.5 says: "The density of a development should respect local character and respond to existing densities in different locations such as brownfield, greenfield, central, peripheral, town and village. This does not mean simply replicating surrounding layouts but drawing clues from these surroundings as to the range of new densities that may be appropriate. This range should be defined for each locality......." Has it?

I hope these comments are still in time to be useful. If you have not seen the Design Guide you can get it from the County Council for 22.50 (if you can argue you are a charity or similar) on 01622 221526. Full price is 45. It's recommended!

Dan Clay
Senior Planning Officer

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