Response from Highway Management Unit, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

Kent Highways - Kent County Council and Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Highway Manager James Whitehorn

My ref - nb /3015/w

Date - 11 January 2001


I refer to your letter dated 14th December and would offer the following comments on its content.

The Highway Authority (Kent County Council) are consulted as a matter of course on all planning applications. On their behalf I make observations on the likely effect that proposed development will have on the highway network. The Planning Authority will consider my advice and/or recommendations together with any other representations received as a result of the consultation process. They are, however, not obliged to act on any comments that I make.

Your request to be more fully involved in the process is best addressed to the Planning Authority, however, since as you will see from my comments, I too am merely a consultee.

Yours sincerely,
N Baldwin
Senior Engineer

Traffic and Parking in the Telephone House Area, Tunbridge Wells