05.2001 - The Public Inquiry - Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells - Letter of Councillor David Wakefield to the Planning Inspectorate

The Planning Inspectorate
Room 1003
Tollgate House
Houlton Street
Bristol BS2 9DJ

18 January 2001

Dear Sirs

Re : Appeal Crest Homes SE Ltd / Southgate Developments Ltd.
versus Tunbridge Wells Borough Council

I write both as a councillor for the Ward in which Telephone House stands, and also as a resident in this part of the Town for forty years.

You will already have read from other submissions the concerns we have on

the density of the proposed building

the effect on a conservation area

the impact on narrow roads of additional traffic.

Whilst we as residents all want to see a better building to replace the present one, Telephone House, and we all accept that some form of developement must take place on the site, we would ask that consideration be given to the points made above.

We feel that a reduction in the number of units proposed, to say 25, would go a long way towards meeting our objections, as would a reduction in the number of parking spaces allowed on site.

I would like to speak at the enquiry , in order to make these points to the Inspector personally.

Yours faithfully,
David Wakefield

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