01.05.01 - The Public Inquiry - Speech of Member Nigel Watts

106 Agreement for affordable housing - The Telephone House Development, Tunbridge Wells

The text which follows is not an exact note of the speech given. The speech was based on the following open letter to The Courier and KM, filed with the Inspector

Our MP Archie Norman has given magnificent support to local residents opposed to this development proposal. In a letter to me dated 30 March he was quite right in stating as he did in his penultimate paragraph that "unfortunately now it has gone to appeal stage there is not a great deal that can be done."
I accept entirely that this reflects the position obtaining but it is surely a matter of grave concern for us all not only in regard to this site but to any other future site to be developed in a conservation area that we understand just how this most regrettable situation has been engendered.

I trust that you and your readers will understand why we humble local residents are feeling a little uncomfortable.

Nigel Watts