The promise of Southgate Developments to keep the plot tidy

Southgate Developments Ltd
19 Stratford Place
London W1N 9AF
Registered Office: 81 Newgate Street, London EC1A 7AJ

18th January 2001

Telephone House, Church Road, Tunbridge Wells

Thank you for your letter of 4th January regarding the current condition of the above property and I do apologise for the delay in responding but this letter has only recently found its way to me.

Since the property was vacated in September 1999 we have been experiencing a number of difficulties with fly tipping, break-ins etc. which my facilities management team have been endeavouring to address. However, given the regularity of fly-tipping in particular, I have asked my colleagues to look at ways of making the site more secure in the short-term.

Southgate Developments (a wholly owned subsidiary of BT plc) was hoping that works on site would have commenced by now insofar as the proposed redevelopment is concerned. However, I am sure that you are aware that our joint planning application with Crest Homes was refused at committee in October 2000 and we are now in the process of appealing that decision.

Under the circumstances, I suspect that the site will remain vacant for at least the next 6 months and we will do all that we can to ensure that the site is kept in a safe and tidy condition.

If I can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,
Charlotte Briscoe
Trainee Development Manager

Telephone House site was untidy until 27 January 2003, when demolition set-up started.

27.01.2003 - CALA Homes start: putting up hoarding and introducing the new building line

Whom are we dealing with? - The developers of Telephone House, Tunbridge Wells