Letter (reply) to N. Baldwin, Highway Management Unit, TWBC

37 Church Road
Royal Tunbridge Wells

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N. Baldwin, Esq.
Tunbridge Wells Highway Management Unit
Town Hall, Royal Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1RS

14 December 2000

Dear Mr. Baldwin,

Thank you for your letter dated 30th November, which I received only on Thursday 7th December.

Apart from the reassuring comment, that demolition/construction traffic on the Telephone House site should be excluded completely from York Road your views on the parking situation and traffic differ from the residentsís views.

We feel that ultimately the councillors who make the decision should not rely on an engineer who is "familiar" with the area and who questions "why he should assume that this [redevelopment] will make the situation any worse than that which currently exists". We feel it would be better to rely on a commissioned traffic study, which I have requested from Mr. Eveleigh in separate correspondence.

We refer to the URBAN WHITE PAPER published on 16 November, and we wish to influence from the start decisions which affect our neighbourhood, as provided for in this White Paper. We do not wish to be confronted with decisions as faits accomplis, i.e. with revised planning applications which leave no room for discussion, and refer to the relevant paragraph 3.10, line 2:
" people have a right to determine their future and be involved in deciding how their town or city develops. A clear message from the regeneration initiatives of the last 30 years is that real sustainable change will not be achieved unless local people are in the driving seat. It is not enough to consult people about decisions that will impact on their lives: they must be fully engaged in the process from the start; and everybody must be included. "

I would request that for future pre-application consultations with planners our views on traffic in our area are taken into account.

Yours sincerely
Annemarie Topliss

James Whitehorn
Councillor Len.W. Price
Councillor David Wakefield

Traffic and Parking in the Telephone House Area, Tunbridge Wells