Access/Exit arrangement for the Telephone House onto York Road

  1. A sole access/exit arrangement via York Road for this development is unacceptable.

  2. During the demolition and construction period traffic generated from the site should not be allowed to use York Road.

  3. In the report on the last planning application (condition 17), the officers in charge omitted to mention the word exit - an omission which would have left lower York Road with all demolition and construction traffic as a way of exit !

    1. Was this done on purpose ?
    2. What were the reasons ?
    3. Did the highway manager not realise the impact on the junction York Road, Monson Road, Mount Pleasant Road ?

  4. The new houses will obstruct any drivers view, creating a potential blind spot.

  5. Residents of the future Church Road address have to have their own parking arrangements, thus bringing them into the "backyard" (York Road) and therefore generating far more inner town traffic than desired.

  6. The future York Road address will have enough problems accommodating the number of cars generated by its new residents and visitors.

  7. Due to the proposed sole access/exit, Inner London Road will suffer increased traffic.

Traffic Flow around the Church Road - York Road block, Tunbridge Wells

The Telephone House Neighbours Asociation, Tunbridge Wells