Traffic Flow around the Church Road - York Road block, Tunbridge Wells
Interactive Map - 2002

London Road (A26) - access to York Road access York Road - crossing London Road (A26) crossing London Road (A26) - Church Road access to Inner London Road from Church Road Main crossing of the town centre Monson Road, Civic Way, Mount Pleasant, York Road access and egress for the entire development onto York Road the narrow entrance into York Road York Road water-puddles show the impact of heavy delivery vans on York Road traffic congestion in Church Road traffic leaving the town eastbound, passing Decimus Burton's remainders, Hotel du Vin and the Crescent

This Map is interactive - click on any triangle to access detailed explanations, cameras focus on road and traffic conditions

Traffic and Parking in the Telephone House Area, Tunbridge Wells

The Telephone House Neighbours Association, Tunbridge Wells