Proposition to Nigel Eveleigh, Planning and Building Control Services, TWBC

Annemarie Topliss
42 York Road
Tunbridge Wells

Nigel Eveleigh, Esq
Planning & Building Control Services Manager
Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Town Hall
Royal Tunbridge Wells

24 November 2000

Dear Mr Eveleigh

Traffic in connection with the Telephone House Re-Development, Church Road, Tí Wells

Please find enclosed a copy of my letter of 17 November and attached documentation I sent to the Highway Manager regarding traffic and parking in the Church Road, Mount Pleasant, York Road and Inner London Road / London Road area.

In anticipation of the two re-developments in Church Road, ie the Cinema block and Telephone House, I feel it would be appropriate for the Tunbridge Wells Borough Council to carry out a study of the traffic flow in this centre part of town and detail it in a report.

This report should be made available to the public.

In order for the study to show up the true movement between the Cinema at one end and Jordan House at the other, Church Road needs to have four sensor points at which traffic flow is counted:

  1. on both sides at the intersection of Mount Pleasant Road with Church Road, and
  2. on both sides at the intersection of Inner London Road / London Road / Church Road

I would appreciate to know your reasons should you decide not to consider this request, but trust that you will find it a constructive suggestion which fits in well with the developments in Church Road in the short term and coincides with your planning ahead in view of the next Ten Year Plan for the Tunbridge Wells area.

Yours sincerely
Annemarie Topliss

Rodney Stone, The Chief Executive, Tunbridge Wells Borough Council
Councillor L W A Price, Chairman of the Western Area Planning Committee

We eventually got a response from Nigel Eveleigh in April 2001, when he and other officers had already prepared the Local Plan including Policy H6(a), to be released, as they say, coinciding with the Public Inquiry in the first week of May 2001.
In residents' opinion Policy H6(a) was the key point in the Telephone House saga.

Traffic and Parking in the Telephone House Area, Tunbridge Wells