Pretending To Talk On a Mobile Phone

Pretending to talk on a mobile phone is something people usually associate with little kids / babies playing around, trying to mimic what they see grown ups doing, usually using Mommy's or Daddies real phone, or a toy phone that doesn't function. But, I wonder how many adults do, or have done this but would never admit to it. So many people suffer with social anxiety, specially in crowded places like city centres etc, that it does seem like a good method to help get through an anxious episode by pretending to talk on a mobile phone. Is this a new phenomena? Has it been around since the early days of the vintage brick phones, or has it become more "known" / mainstream due to the massive increase of people now owning a cellphone..

Faking a phone call also has other uses. See someone you don't want to talk to? Just pretend your on the phone. Feeling a bit uneasy in unfamiliar surroundings..That's a good reason. Want to get out of a certain social situation? Fake a phone call.. Some phones actually have a fake call option built in. Although perhaps a bit sinister, this could be a great help if you're someone who sells items face to face.

Is anybody really there...

You could make out that someone else has called you interested in the item you have for sale when another buyer is with you looking it over. Make out someone is really interested, and say something like "You want to come and view it now? Someone is just looking at it at the moment, if they don't buy it I will give you a callback". I imagine in some cases that would have the desired effect and help in sealing the deal.

This feature is found in quite a few of the cheap Samsung phones. I don't know about the newer phones (Smartphones) as I don't own one. I prefer basic retro phones with as less features as possible. Is an E-2600 a Smartphone? I'm not sure, but I don't think it is. I know the Samsung E1080i has a fake call feature because I have tried it out. However, when I have pretended to be on the phone (Yes, I admit, I have done it) I never used the fake call feature.

You only do that if you want the people who you are with, or in close proximity to, to actually hear the phone ringing. If you are alone and are doing it because you feel a little anxious or have a panic attack, just turn the phone off and put it to your ear. Turning it off also eliminates the radiation (Head + Body SAR levels) that's emitted by the phone (Yep, this is the case even when the cellphone is powered on, but not in use).

The funny thing is, that you never really know if someone is faking it or not. Unless their phone starts ringing while they've got it to their ear, while they were apparently deep in conversation! Amateurs. However, people who are more clued up with this method will either put the phone on to silent mode, or turn it off all together. I wonder who the best faker out there is..

Maybe they should make some kind of game out of it where you have to guess whether someone is really having a conversation or not. Best guesser wins a phone. And the best faker gets a small part in a film where they need someone, an extra, to pretend to be on the phone in one of the scenes. Nah, I don't think it would work. It's very hard, almost too hard, to tell if someone is really having a conversation or not.

The Tablet Vs Smartphone Comparison

Tablets Versus Smartphones. At this moment in time, there are a couple of billion Smartphone users around the globe. This number is expected to increase by a tenth as we reach early 2017. Smartphones have completely revolutionized the technological sector. With more local and affordable options readily available, it has become very easy to own one of these devices. These days, in the western world, you can buy a Smartphone that's been imported from China for the same price as a basic model with no enhanced features. And that's a fact. Just take a look on Amazon. Do a search for Smartphone and sort by cheapest first and you will be surprised with the results.

Its older cousin, the tablet, seems to lag behind in the race for the best. Experts observe that the tablet market has peaked and will decline from here on out (They say this with no good reason, I might add). But who really knows for sure what will happen. Let's wish for less cluttered days and hope that “dumb phones” take over. The cheap ones mind you, not those fake ones that are considered fashion accessories, like the Punkt MP01.

If you have mixed feelings about whether you should buy a tablet or a Smartphone, you're not alone. However, a lot of people would say the latter would be the way to go. These two devices make an interesting comparison because in some ways they are very similar. You can also buy a combination of the two. A smaller, or sometimes larger “Tablet” that can also be used to make phone calls and send texts etc. All you do is insert your SIM card, tweak a few settings and functions, and away you go. They are called Phablets. Anyway, here are some reasons why most people will say “Get the phone”.

A 6-inch screen is ideal for reading

Almost all of the world's most popular e-readers sport a 6-inch screen. The average Smartphone screen size also ranges from 5.2 to 5.5 inches, thus rendering the large screen size of the tablet useless for better visualization. However, bigger screened tablets do offer better visibility and improved usability for certain tasks, it has to be said.

Smartphones have a better battery life

A Samsung Galaxy phone will last much longer than its Galaxy Tab counterpart will. The same comparison holds true for all phones and tablets. It makes perfect sense that the larger size of the tablet will obviously consume more power than a Smartphone, so why compromise on less battery life for the same functions?

The best Apps are only available for Smartphones

The huge difference between the number of "Clever phones" and tablet users drives the market in a particular direction. This means that all the best apps and games show up on phones first and tablets later. Sometimes, they do not show up at all.

Smartphones have a more consistent web experience

Websites usually have two versions, one for a Smartphone and the other for your laptop or desktop PC. Tablets are caught in the mix somewhere between the mobile version and desktop version, neither here nor there. You either have to zoom in or shrink the page to read properly, making it highly inconvenient.

Smartphones have a better camera

In a world where everyone feels the constant urge to document every moment of their lives (I think this is terrible in some ways), the camera is sometimes the biggest selling point for a device. While the average flagship Smartphone boasts over 13 megapixels, the average tablet does not go beyond 8 megapixels.

Tablets Vs. Laptops and Desktops PCs

While tablets are compact and easy to carry, laptops and desktop computers come packed with enhanced computing power, storage capacity, and programs. Even the most basic laptop comes with 250 GB of space. This is quite a lot of space when compared to the average 8-128 GB of storage space a tablet can offer. Furthermore, nothing beats a laptop when it comes to control, precision, and word processing. Well, maybe a desktop computer. You can always use a detachable keyboard with a tablet, but you will never get the substantial feel of a full-sized keyboard.

So what should you buy?

The distinction between devices such as Smartphones, tablets, and laptops is blurring. You can always find a better version of every feature available on a tablet, in a phone or a laptop. It is pretty obvious to me, but the choice is up to you. My choice may surprise you, because this article is written in a way that appears to praise the Smartphone more than anything else. However, if you have read other posts on this blog you will know how I feel about technologically advanced phones. Those types of phones have one major, deal-breaking flaw.

Comparisons: Tracking down the truth

Whichever way you go, never forget the amount of tracking software and hardware that is now built into each device. When you take the tracking / surveillance ability's into account it makes you look at a Smartphone in a whole new way. None of the other devices are immune, but phones, particularly the “Smart” ones, are the worst.

Especially when you think about how many people just can't go anywhere without their mobile phone accompanying them. Most feel lost without them. Convenience and being “connected” with what's going on within your social circle and beyond seems to be two of the things people can't do without. It's now more of an addiction than anything else.

Equally, while giving the user what they want, and without them being aware, wherever they go, whatever they do, even if they are physically alone, they are not entirely alone if you catch my drift. Everything is being monitored behind the scenes. And it's not getting any better. Anything you write on the phone, calls taken and received, messages, pictures received and taken have code built-in which tells certain agencies or individuals where it was taken and when it was taken. The Smartphones camera and / or microphone can also be activated without the owner being aware.

Could this be a reason why the battery in a Smartphone can't be removed, so that it can secretly use a small fraction of its reserves to power up the camera or microphone even when the user has turned the device off. I'm not sure, but it's a possibility. Now don't get me wrong, Tablets are no better in this regard, but at least you don't have it on your person every minute of the day.

I seen a picture the other day of Facebook co-founder, Mark Zuckerberg. He was sitting at his laptop, and the one thing that instantly stood out to me was the fact that he had sellotape over the camera / webcam at the front of the laptop. He knows what's up. Should there be a warning on all these devices informing the customer of what he or she should be aware of? Just like we now have with food in the UK, where on the packaging it must state how much fat, salt, sugar etc is present in the food. Well, if they did that with tablets and phones, instantly making the potential buyer aware, I bet sales would decrease dramatically.

That doesn't mean all people are totally oblivious to the fact that these devices do spy on them, but putting that warning at the forefront of someones mind before they purchase, bringing them instantly up to date with what will be monitored, and how their privacy is totally abused, will definitely make them think twice. I know it has done this to me when it comes to the new food warnings. Foods that I thought were healthy were anything but healthy. After reading the fat and sugar content and thinking – What the hell! On countless occasions, I have ended up not buying it all together.

No one knows for sure how much of this spying is actually going on, but this technology is being used and abused world wide. So, while you might not be on the FBI's most wanted list and don't really have much worth hiding, for anyone who still holds on to the belief that they have a degree of privacy, but they own a Smartphone and carry it around with them daily, really needs to get with the times. It has many sneaky, but clever capabilities.

And while there are ways to become “more” private when using a phone or any other device, you are never totally anonymous. Personal data is big business. Companies pay big money for this type of information. Buying habits, Internet habits, sexual preference, social circles, medical history, martial status, income, debts, I think you get the idea. So, if some stranger knocks on your door one day and starts telling you things about yourself that you thought were impossible for a stranger to know.. You now know how they know.

Basically, in a nutshell, a Smartphone has become an unbelievably powerful spying device. An excellent tool for surveillance. This technology is not coming in the year 2020 or at some other year in the future, it is here right now as you read this comparison, and has been here for many years already. Got a Smartphone? Well, you are already in possession of a device that has all that sinister technology built-in. After reading this, take a good look at your Smartphone, and think of all the times, of what you perceived to be private moments that you've had over the years. From “private” phone conversations to intimate pictures you have taken with your phone.

And remember that potentially, the pictures may have been looked at by other people (no, not just on Facebook or anywhere you may have shared them), and your phone calls listened to. In fact, all of the data on your phone has most probably been extracted (copied / downloaded) at some point without you knowing.

Smartphones are not as innocent as people seem to think. This isn't about having something to hide, or being paranoid, it's about being aware and up to date with the current capabilities these devices have and not letting go of your rights to actually have some notion of a private life. People have the right to some privacy. With everything being monitored 24/7 its basically Orwellian surveillance overload. It really is out of hand.

So it begs the question and finishes the comparison. Tracked all the time = Smartphone. Tracked some of the time = Tablet + Laptop. Monitored when at home = Home computer. The choice is all yours.

UK Phone Hacking Soon To Be Made Legal

Did you know, that while most people have been preoccupied with watching Coronation Street, Eastenders, Facebook updates and keeping up with the Jones', The UK Government has been working hard to separate you from what little privacy you have left. The Investigatory Powers Act, also known as the Snoopers Charter is expected to come into force in the UK by early 2017. That's not to say Phone hacking and snooping in general hasn't been going on for decades already, because it has. However, this new bill just legalises it so it becomes a free-for-all with no one getting so much as a slap on the wrist.

Under the guise of "Terrorism" or "Counter-Terrorism", your Smartphone can legally be hacked by a wide range of Government Agency's. That means all your personal data (meta data) will most probably be extracted, including browser history, photos, personal files, and anything else of interest. But hey, it's alright, they're just trying to protect you, right? Yeah right. There is a petition going, which now has over 200,000 signatures.

But the word is that this Bill has got the go-ahead and no amount of signatures will change that. All the Investigatory Powers Act needs is Royal Assent and then it is part of the Law. Let's hope the Royal who looks over this ridiculous set of proposed Orwellian laws thinks it's just as over the top as the rest of us do. Sadly, I doubt they will. Update: This law has now been passed - Signed, sealed and delivered. Welcome to England, the surveillance capital of the world.

Please be aware: This website is about mobile phones, so I'll stay on topic. But all of the above (and below) also applies to computers. Including Desktop PCs, Laptops, Tablets, etc. In fact, any device that can connect to the Internet. All Internet Service Providers will have to keep a full record of their customers activities. Browsing history, connection locations, and all other data must stored for 12 months. Your Mail will also be monitored. I'm talking about postal mail, not email (email is monitored also). Where was it sent from, who sent it, where to, who to, etc. A lot of Data Mining will no doubt be taking place. Read a great comment while browsing the Internet about this issue. And I agree with it 100%.
"When Theresa May gives us a 24/7 broadcast of her private life and her business then I will agree.  Otherwise, the same arguments she holds against it apply to my own life."
Government Authorities can also ask for help with hacking and decryption by the companies who made or own the websites or devices, such as Apple in order to compromise a stubborn (protected) iPhone, should the need arise.

What's the best form of protection for mobile phones?

The best method for keeping eyes out of your mobile phone is to go old school. Ditch the Smartphone and get yourself a basic Nokia 3310, 8210, 8310 or similar. Do not store any information on the phone that you don't want anyone to read but yourself. I have mentioned the following words a few times on this blog. Smartphones are tracking devices, spying on everything you do. This new law dramatically increases how many agencies can legally snoop into and basically steal your personal data. Also included, listening to your phone calls, voice mails, chat logs, and even activating your microphone without your knowledge in order to listen in on your conversations. This has been going on for years already but will now be magnified.

Best protection overall?

Throw your computer, Laptop, or mobile device in the bin and get yourself a Pager. haha. You don't need to go that far. There is a lot of encryption / protection software out there that will work reasonably well with protecting privacy to a certain degree.

These spying powers, which are soon to be given to many more British authorities, will no doubt be abused to the fullest. Warrants are meant to be needed. But that is only for bigger cases (Terrorist info and bulk interceptions need "double lock"). But for most instances nothing is needed. No level of authorisation. The databases that hold all your stored information logs can be accessed virtually and then acted upon how authorities see fit. Not to mention the security risk of public data, which will be a prime target for hackers. And we've all seen what's happened in that regard in recent years. How many big companies have been hacked and peoples information stolen. There has been a lot. The Snoopers Charter opens the door for the stealing of public data on a huge scale.

Guess who won't be getting tracked, hacked or spied on. The people in Government. MP's to be precise. Apparently, their privacy is more important than everyone else's. Can you believe the audacity! They will not be spied on but everyone else will. One rule for them and another rule for everyone else. I don't care if you think you have nothing to hide, these new "Laws" are an extreme invasion on people's privacy and should be abolished immediately. The rise in people using VPN's and VPS', also browsers like Tor and Startpage is expected to rise dramatically. With VPN's and VPS', ensure that none of the servers you use are located in the UK. Everything now needs to be encrypted if you want some level of privacy (Including phone calls).

What is happening, or has happened to the UK. It really is becoming like George Orwell's 1984. A side note: Were you aware that every UK citizen's medical history was also sold to Insurance companies years ago? Ever wondered why you see those Insurance advertisements that say "no medical or health checks are required". Well now you know why.. They already have access to all your medical history.

So they don't need you to disclose it to them over the phone. Now that's sinister. And if that wasn't enough, if you make a minuscule error on your application, but the insurance you're applying for gets the nod and goes ahead, after decades of you making the monthly or weekly payments, if you ever need to claim, the Insurance company can void your contract under the non disclosure of material facts. To end on a positive note: This is a great time to invest in VPN companies!

Punkt MP01 Phone UK - Don't Get Punked

There appears to have been a trend going on for the last year where people who are usually Smartphone reliant now want to downgrade their level of pocket technology to that of just a basic phone. The phone of choice for the ever-so materialistic "you better have the right stuff or we can't be friends" brigade, is the Punkt MP01 (And also the MP02 4G). This seems to be one phone that is actually accepted as cool enough to be given a pass. Your average Samsung or Nokia Brick just won't cut the mustard. Even though the much cheaper Samsung's and Teak tough Nokia's are actually the much better phones overall.

Punkt "Dumb Phones" Costs More Than Some Smartphones

If you're too mind-frazzled, or still in a daze from the Smartphone days to not realise that your Punkt MP01 is basically telling you in it's brand name that you just got Punked for paying such a ridiculous price for a phone that looks like a calculator, then there is not much hope left for you. Don't get me wrong, I love basic phones, but what can the Punkt MP01 do that a cheaper alternative can't.. Nothing.

I'll tell you what it can do, it can leave you reaching in your pocket and only feeling your leg! By the way, they're not calling them basic phones anymore, they're now calling them Dumb phones. Dumb phones that cost the same amount to buy as a top of the range Smartphone. Is it really the phone that's dumb?.. Or the people who are buying them..

The Punkt MP01's start up screen shows a Bird. An attempt at coolness perhaps. Or a snidey way to imply that you just got roasted.. I don't care if it does have a Gorilla Glass screen and comes in a fancy black box. Have you seen how many times a Nokia 3310 can be bounced off the floor without suffering any irreversible damage. And even if it does get smashed to bits, a new case / cover and all is well again. A wise man once said: Smartphone's can be summed up in three words.. Surveillance, conditioning, reliance. It may well be true.

Punkt MP01 and MP02 Have Hundreds Of Cheaper Alternatives

You do not need to spend silly money on a basic phone in order to unplug from your Smartphone induced fever. That's just a marketing trick aimed at taking more money from you while you are under the influence of impressive social engineering. Pulling the plug from this mobile crazed world that now refuses to accept anything less than a 24 hour digital revelation into your life, and a constant update on all the things that don't really matter requires no money outlay at all really. Distractions distractions.. Just some self control and, well, maybe £10 or £20. But you can get that money back.

And now the Six O'clock news: Want to go back to basics? This is what you do. If you want to that is. Buy a cheap Samsung phone. Or even a little Nokia 8310. They are between £10 - £25 (UK money). Then, get your Smartphone and literally try to snap it in half with your bare hands. Nah, don't do that. Make some money from it. List it for sale on eBay. You should get a decent price for it. Use the money to replenish the £10 or £20 you spent on the basic phone, and the rest of the doe is your spending money.

I hope you weren't coming here to read reviews on the Punkt MP01? Or even worse, how to apply certain functions on the phone..Because that would mean you really did get punked! Send it back and stop being so brainwashingly gullible.I thought you had better cognitive function than that.

➡ Not worth reading: The only reason the video above is on this page is because I needed a thumbnail image for the popular posts widget in the sidebar (looks out of place without one) and couldn't be bothered to hunt around for a picture of the MP01 that I would be allowed to use.. Note: I got to 1:07 and never went any further. It hurts me to promote such a product. Even if I'm not saying anything good about it.

And The Best Camera Phone Is..

Earlier this year, I wrote a post titled "Non-Smartphone With The Best Camera". Obviously, from the title, I wanted to know what the best camera phone was, but I wanted the phone to not be a Smartphone. Well, the person who commented on that post (Just John), nice one Just John, recommended the Nokia 808 PureView as a phone that fit the criteria I was after.

And it almost does. This award winning phone has an enormous 41 Mega Pixel Carl Zeiss lens! Only thing is, it's a Smartphone (Read the blog - I'm allergic to them). But not really like today's Smartphones. It runs on something called Symbian (Belle), which is like a prehistoric phone operating system. Nah, it's not that bad. I prefer old anyway. This being released in mid 2012, it's not old enough! I love the old green screen Nokia 1100. It's called Monochrome if you want to get technical. Symbian may be old to some, but many users still think that Symbian is great. Anyway, forget about what's not important and check out some of the video footage and images that this phone is capable of producing in the video below.

The camera quality really does looks excellent. And bear in mind when uploading a video to Youtube some of the sharpness and overall quality is lost. Remember to switch the video to 1080p (HD) when viewing. I believe that Nokia no longer produce phones with this operating system. The Nokia 808 PureView was the last one ever to have it installed. Nokia's new high spec phones run on the Microsoft OS. As a result they no longer offer support for the Symbian phones still out there either. Fantastic!

So does that sill make the 808 a Smartphone, or now that it's outdated (to the ever-so materialistic fashion police), does that put it on par with an up to date non-Smartphone? Nah, not quite. It's still a Smartphone whichever way you look at it. However, for it's superb camera I would be willing to put the "It has to be a non-Smartphone" requirement aside and actually buy this phone just to use the camera. Oh no. Hold on, I can't. It's touch screen! The camera would literally need to be Broadcast quality to convince me to purchase.

So okay, we've got a now old and outdated phone which happens to contain one of the best camera's ever put in a phone known to man and I want to buy one. With all the new Xperia's, iPhones and Samsung S6's, this golden oldie has got to be well forgotten about by now and be as cheap as chips to purchase. Right? Wrong!

This phone costs an eye! Well, it's not that much. Maybe just a few fingers. The equivalent of about 100 packs of Birdseye Fish Fingers! Am I way off? But even used, the cheapest I found was £200. Brand new it's over £350. Actually, just checking on eBay and it can be snapped up for much less. £130 used. However, after just checking the specification I see that the SAR Level for this phone is well over 1W/kg. It's averaging at 1.23 W/kg. That is pretty high. The consolation is that it does have a loudspeaker, and of course, hands free kit options.

I would still buy this phone. But one of the things I don't like about the used ones being sold on eBay is that most have a library image of the phone and say it's in a used condition with some light scratches on the screen etc. That's fine in terms of telling me the condition. But you have to actually show me the real phone that I'm buying so I know what I am buying and what to expect when it arrives. I hate it when sellers do that. Laziness.. Have I talked myself out of it.. Probably yes. My photographic memory will keep me going for now. And it's free.

Apparently, the Samsung Note 4 also has an excellent camera. They are expensive and far too new for me to be bothered with. For that kind of money you can buy a nice Bridge Camera with good image quality and a really good zoom distance. Or even a cheap, old school DSLR. Not a film one! Did I tell you that I'm using my old trusty 486 DX Desktop PC to write this post? Or am I.. Now that's old skool for ya..

Mobile Phones With No Contract

cheap standard simple phone budgetMobile phones that come with no contract are widely available to buy online. They are most commonly acquired in one of two ways. You can either buy a phone that comes complete with a Pay As You Go SIM Card included, or you can buy a mobile phone that is SIM Free, which comes with no SIM Card at all. If you’re looking to buy a phone in order to insert a SIM Card which you already own and use, then the best option is for you to buy a SIM Free mobile phone.

However, buying a phone that comes with a Pay As You Go SIM Card is also perfectly fine too, because you can still just insert the SIM Card that you already own and throw the one that came with the phone in a draw in your house and leave it there. Just make sure that the phone you are looking to buy works on the network that your SIM Card is operating on.

Such as an Orange (EE) SIM Card being put into a mobile phone that is compatible with the Orange (EE) Network. Or, if the phone is stated as being unlocked then it should work with mostly all of the well-known UK SIM Card brands without any problem. Although, be sure to ask the seller beforehand if you are on the 3 (Three) Network as that is the Network that is most troublesome in terms of it not working in some mobile phones, even when they are stated as being unlocked.

Here is a list of mobile phones (UK versions) that have no contracts. They are either on Pay As You Go or are SIM Free. Both are perfect for people who don’t want any monthly billing to worry about.

Cheap mobile phones with no contract


  • Nokia 108
  • Nokia 105
  • Microsoft Lumia 435

Expensive Smartphones with no contract

  • Apple iPhone 6
  • Sony Xperia Z3
  • Sony Xperia Z5
  • HTC One M9

The Small And Lovely Nokia 8310 Phone

Who remembers this phone? The Nokia 8310 is a real classic mobile phone. I never owned one, but I have had several 8210's over the years. I think the 8310 is / was the newer, more advanced model. The names and model numbers give it away! I don't think it was more advanced though on a feature level, but both phones are really basic by today's standards.

They still have everything the average person would need. You can call and text, play a few games (Including Snake II), and they have a pretty good battery life. Not forgetting the fact that they are also nice and small. The 8310 even has Infrared and an FM radio built in. What more could you tech-freaks want! Check out the video below for a quick look at this phone.

I actually prefer the Nokia 8210. It's a shame really that neither model has a loudspeaker option as that is something I need in a mobile phone. I hate putting the phone to my ear. Of course, there's always a hands free kit but that's a bit of a pain to carry around all the time, wires etc.

With Smartphones tracking your every move there has been a big increase in people buying these mobile phones, particularly the 8210 because they do not have all the "cool", big brother technology packed into them that makes it extremely easy for certain organisations to track your every move.

Some people think its just individuals that have something to hide like drug dealers, pimps and other low lifers who want / need phones that are harder to follow, but that isn't necessarily the case. "Normal people" who give a f**k about their privacy also don't want to be tracked constantly. What is this, George Orwell's - 1984. Well, basically yeah. The disguised version.

Did you know that in some "Smartphones", every time you take a picture with the phone, hidden within the code of that picture is the location co-ordinates, time, date and everything else that tells "them", whoever they are, absolutely everything about when and where the picture was taken.. That is also the case when making / receiving a call, texting, Whatsapping and whatever else you do on your Smartphone. If the phone is turned on it's basically a tracking beacon. Technology's just great isn't it!. Yeah, just perfect.... For surveillance.

There are Apps you can get if you want some anonymity for when browsing the Internet on your phone. Look for Orbot Tor for Android,  Orweb, proxy app for android or VPN Android applications. These are just a few. Some are free. Anything by The Tor Project is hard to track, very hard. 

However, for the other big brother tracking methods talked about above, like picture location / creation you will need other software / coding experience, and also a phone that has been rooted in order to go deep into the settings / framework. And there was you thinking that because I own a non-Smartphone I don't know s**t about Smartphones!. One of the reasons why I don't own one is because I know what they are capable of. Not that I've got anything to hide, but I also don't like having my every move monitored either. Does anyone?

This post was meant to be about the 8310 and it's turned into a lesson on Smartphone security and surveillance! So sorry, but I'm not deleting it now, it's going live! "What started out as a joke has ended in disaster"..Or something along those lines. Robbed from Rocky 4 when Apollo gets punched to death by Ivan Drago. The 8310 and 8210 are both great phones, much better than those tracking devices they call Smartphones.

Yeah, they're smart alright. I do not own a Smartphone. They're too nosey. One negative about the 8310 is its fairly high SAR level. Other than that its a brilliant little phone. Have a good day, and be sure to pop back here at some point to tell me what 90's movie this quote is from.."Don't forget me"..

Non-Smartphone With The Best Camera

I hate all the features that come with owning a Smartphone but love taking pictures. I don't like having to carry a phone and my point and shoot camera around with me. It's a bit of a pain. When will they make a camera, yep looks exactly like a camera, but with a phone built-in, not the other way round. Ideally that's what I want. Either that or a non-Smartphone which has an absolute badass camera built-in. Then I could, or most probably would make an exception to spending more than £20 - £30 on a mobile phone if there was one out like that.

So, does anyone know what the best camera phone is that's not a Smartphone.. Is there one that has better than a 5 mega pixel camera? What about a 20 mega pixel camera on a non-Smartphone. I know Sony have that amount of pixels in some of their new Xperia's, but is there anything close to that level of quality on other phones that  other than the superb camera, just has the basic features. I know a few people that own an Xperia..Wow, they are one of the weakest phones I've ever come across. The amount of cracked, frozen, black and unresponsive screens that need repair is laughable.

Every time I hear someone complain about their Xperia it makes me glad to have a basic phone that's as tough as a brick. I can throw it around and not care too much. If it does break its cheap to replace. I own two phones. A Samsung E-2600 and a Samsung E1080i. They've lasted me years, and the battery lives are really good. Most Smartphones with operating systems = 1 day battery if your lucky! Although I will admit, the white Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (holding one right now) is a beautiful phone. But way too flimsy!

There is talk about the Nokia 808 PureView being the best older camera phone. But is the 41 mega pixel Nokia 808 PureView the best Non-Smartphone with the Best Camera? Or is it just an older model "Smartphone" with an excellent camera that was way ahead of its time. You can see this phone for sale here (UK, USA and Canada).

Well, after limited research It looks like there isn't a basic (100% non-smartphone) phone with a really good camera. I'll have to buy myself a real camera. Maybe an old skool DSLR (Canon 350D or Olympus E-400) or perhaps a Bridge Camera with a super zoom. I should become an inventor! I'm always thinking of ideas for products that fit a certain niche of people. They always seem to be a step backwards though, but with a twist!

Behind The Times For Not Using WhatsApp

Yes, I suppose it does have its uses. But then again so does normal texting. And isn't WhatsApp just a glorified messaging service? I see it is free to use at this time, but the owners are trying to cash in on its popularity and make it a paid service. It's not just for a mobile phone either, it can be used on tablets, laptops Apple Macs etc. However, for someone like me I hate the idea. I know you can block people (from what I've read online), but won't they know that you've blocked them? I mean, say if you were all chatty and then all of a sudden you're gone forever, won't they know you have blocked them? What excuse can you give for the silent treatment..I lost my phone! hmm. Yeah that's a goodun.

And if you don't block them I hate the fact that people are constantly connected, like as soon as they send you a message they expect a reply back within a minute. Who can blame them really because most people have their phones on them or beside them 24/7. The reason why I'm talking about Whatsapp is because I got chatting to a girl the other day and that's what she asked me. Have you got WhatsApp, and I said WhatsApp - Whats that? lol.

She seemed really surprised that I didn't know what it was. But I'm old skool, and I like being old skool. That's just me. I said no and I think she must have thought I did have it really and just didn't want to give her my address.. Is it an address that you use? A name etc? Or is it just the phone number.. I don't know and I can't be bothered to look that up. I should have showed her my phone, she would have believed me then! It's not a Smartphone. Oh my, how untrendy I am. I use a Samsung E2600..haha.

Anyway, I think she must have thought I was a player or something. I'm not. In a way, now that I know a bit more about WhatsApp I'm glad I didn't have it on my phone in order to give her my details. We would have been connected or whatever and I would have been expected to send little messages to her all day long lol. Like we were in a mobile chatroom or something..

I hate that to be honest. Chatting constantly all day..That's a good way to quickly get sick of someone. It's also like monitoring your every move! Kind of like Facebook come to think of it. I don't use that either! Quick sheeple, Daisy just took a shi@t and posted a picture of it on her page, lmao. I hate how fake it is. Like people just updating their page, or status? - to show people where they have been or what they have bought. I think I'm starting to hate the society we live in. It seems so fake and materialistic... I'll stick to my old skool ways.

A Mobile Phone That Can Only Text?

I know it wouldn't be called a mobile phone if you can't actually use it to make a phone call, but wouldn't it be great if there was a device that was shaped like a fat mobile phone, kind of like an old school Pager but with a nice keypad, that you could only send and receive texts with. No phone calls at all.  I know this seems a little backwards in terms of technology moving forward and all that, but surely I can't be the only one who wants a device like this? I found somewhere else where people are talking about this.

I have done a little research on this subject and I am aware that there has been a few devices like this out there for sale in the past that have now been discontinued. It would be nice to see a new one introduced to the market. I think there is a market for them. Not everyone likes talking on a mobile phone, I am one of those people. And as long as someone can get a message to me, and me reply back to them, that's enough for me. A text-only device would also be extremely useful for deaf people. Some people have suggested buying an old mobile phone like a Nokia 3210 and just using that to send texts.

But I'm after a device that doesn't have the ability to make a call - No ear speaker or mic. Like a pager which takes a normal SIM card but with a nice integrated keypad to write / type with. Someone needs to come up with a device like this. I'm sure there would be people that would jump at the chance to buy one. I bet they could be made for cheap too. I wonder who owns the Patent for a device that takes a SIM card which can only text. If its a company with good financial status that can pump some money into making such a device (Prototypes etc) they are missing out on a potentially huge market here. Peter Jones?.. What are you playing at?

Of course, for a big majority of the people who can't last the day (Or the hour!) without their Smartphone this idea is going to sound crazy. Like asking them to go and live on an Island on their own for a month..But not everyone cares much about being "Connected to everything" 24/7, constantly bombarded by Whatsapp messages, "Breaking News" and Facebook updates. Some of us just don't care. And some just hate using mobile phones (Me).

Have you taken a look around outside lately? Been on a bus? A Train, or anywhere that has crowds of people. How many people do you see with their heads down, totally oblivious to the world, mesmerised by their Smartphones. These days everything is more virtual, people seem to be almost in a trance. Real life conversations and real connections are being minimised more and more, and I think this virtual world, where you can basically live on your mobile phone is to blame. Mobile phone addiction! Give me an old school mobile phone (Not a Smartphone), a text only device, or even a pay as you go land line which takes a SIM card any day. Now there's an idea!

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