A Mobile Phone That Can Only Text?

I know it wouldn't be called a mobile phone if you can't actually use it to make a phone call, but wouldn't it be great if there was a device that was shaped like a fat mobile phone, kind of like an old school Pager but with a nice keypad, that you could only send and receive texts with. No phone calls at all.  I know this seems a little backwards in terms of technology moving forward and all that, but surely I can't be the only one who wants a device like this? I found somewhere else where people are talking about this.

I have done a little research on this subject and I am aware that there has been a few devices like this out there for sale in the past that have now been discontinued. It would be nice to see a new one introduced to the market. I think there is a market for them. Not everyone likes talking on a mobile phone, I am one of those people. And as long as someone can get a message to me, and me reply back to them, that's enough for me. A text-only device would also be extremely useful for deaf people. Some people have suggested buying an old mobile phone like a Nokia 3210 and just using that to send texts.

But I'm after a device that doesn't have the ability to make a call - No ear speaker or mic. Like a pager which takes a normal SIM card but with a nice integrated keypad to write / type with. Someone needs to come up with a device like this. I'm sure there would be people that would jump at the chance to buy one. I bet they could be made for cheap too. I wonder who owns the Patent for a device that takes a SIM card which can only text. If its a company with good financial status that can pump some money into making such a device (Prototypes etc) they are missing out on a potentially huge market here. Peter Jones?.. What are you playing at?

Of course, for a big majority of the people who can't last the day (Or the hour!) without their Smartphone this idea is going to sound crazy. Like asking them to go and live on an Island on their own for a month..But not everyone cares much about being "Connected to everything" 24/7, constantly bombarded by Whatsapp messages, "Breaking News" and Facebook updates. Some of us just don't care. And some just hate using mobile phones (Me).

Have you taken a look around outside lately? Been on a bus? A Train, or anywhere that has crowds of people. How many people do you see with their heads down, totally oblivious to the world, mesmerised by their Smartphones. These days everything is more virtual, people seem to be almost in a trance. Real life conversations and real connections are being minimised more and more, and I think this virtual world, where you can basically live on your mobile phone is to blame. Mobile phone addiction! Give me an old school mobile phone (Not a Smartphone), a text only device, or even a pay as you go land line which takes a SIM card any day. Now there's an idea!


Anonymous said...

Three vintage devices that should be re-made to be able to take a PAYG SIM card and only be able to send text messages.

1. Sharp TM-20

2. Peek 9

3. Motorola T-900 (Pager)

httyd said...

Take the speaker and microphone out and there you go! SMS only!

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