Behind The Times For Not Using WhatsApp

Yes, I suppose it does have its uses. But then again so does normal texting. And isn't WhatsApp just a glorified messaging service? I see it is free to use at this time, but the owners are trying to cash in on its popularity and make it a paid service. It's not just for a mobile phone either, it can be used on tablets, laptops Apple Macs etc. However, for someone like me I hate the idea. I know you can block people (from what I've read online), but won't they know that you've blocked them? I mean, say if you were all chatty and then all of a sudden you're gone forever, won't they know you have blocked them? What excuse can you give for the silent treatment..I lost my phone! hmm. Yeah that's a goodun.

And if you don't block them I hate the fact that people are constantly connected, like as soon as they send you a message they expect a reply back within a minute. Who can blame them really because most people have their phones on them or beside them 24/7. The reason why I'm talking about Whatsapp is because I got chatting to a girl the other day and that's what she asked me. Have you got WhatsApp, and I said WhatsApp - Whats that? lol.

She seemed really surprised that I didn't know what it was. But I'm old skool, and I like being old skool. That's just me. I said no and I think she must have thought I did have it really and just didn't want to give her my address.. Is it an address that you use? A name etc? Or is it just the phone number.. I don't know and I can't be bothered to look that up. I should have showed her my phone, she would have believed me then! It's not a Smartphone. Oh my, how untrendy I am. I use a Samsung E2600..haha.

Anyway, I think she must have thought I was a player or something. I'm not. In a way, now that I know a bit more about WhatsApp I'm glad I didn't have it on my phone in order to give her my details. We would have been connected or whatever and I would have been expected to send little messages to her all day long lol. Like we were in a mobile chatroom or something..

I hate that to be honest. Chatting constantly all day..That's a good way to quickly get sick of someone. It's also like monitoring your every move! Kind of like Facebook come to think of it. I don't use that either! Quick sheeple, Daisy just took a shi@t and posted a picture of it on her page, lmao. I hate how fake it is. Like people just updating their page, or status? - to show people where they have been or what they have bought. I think I'm starting to hate the society we live in. It seems so fake and materialistic... I'll stick to my old skool ways.

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