Non-Smartphone With The Best Camera

I hate all the features that come with owning a Smartphone but love taking pictures. I don't like having to carry a phone and my point and shoot camera around with me. It's a bit of a pain. When will they make a camera, yep looks exactly like a camera, but with a phone built-in, not the other way round. Ideally that's what I want. Either that or a non-Smartphone which has an absolute badass camera built-in. Then I could, or most probably would make an exception to spending more than £20 - £30 on a mobile phone if there was one out like that.

So, does anyone know what the best camera phone is that's not a Smartphone.. Is there one that has better than a 5 mega pixel camera? What about a 20 mega pixel camera on a non-Smartphone. I know Sony have that amount of pixels in some of their new Xperia's, but is there anything close to that level of quality on other phones that  other than the superb camera, just has the basic features. I know a few people that own an Xperia..Wow, they are one of the weakest phones I've ever come across. The amount of cracked, frozen, black and unresponsive screens that need repair is laughable.

Every time I hear someone complain about their Xperia it makes me glad to have a basic phone that's as tough as a brick. I can throw it around and not care too much. If it does break its cheap to replace. I own two phones. A Samsung E-2600 and a Samsung E1080i. They've lasted me years, and the battery lives are really good. Most Smartphones with operating systems = 1 day battery if your lucky! Although I will admit, the white Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (holding one right now) is a beautiful phone. But way too flimsy!

There is talk about the Nokia 808 PureView being the best older camera phone. But is the 41 mega pixel Nokia 808 PureView the best Non-Smartphone with the Best Camera? Or is it just an older model "Smartphone" with an excellent camera that was way ahead of its time. You can see this phone for sale here (UK, USA and Canada).

Well, after limited research It looks like there isn't a basic (100% non-smartphone) phone with a really good camera. I'll have to buy myself a real camera. Maybe an old skool DSLR (Canon 350D or Olympus E-400) or perhaps a Bridge Camera with a super zoom. I should become an inventor! I'm always thinking of ideas for products that fit a certain niche of people. They always seem to be a step backwards though, but with a twist!


just john said...

Nokia 808 preview if you can find one, buy far the best camera-phone, 41mp. This 4 year old phone takes better photos than my Xperia z5 and more control over shutter speed and iso. If it had a better browser I'd use this phone everyday.

textsonlyphone said...

Hi John, thanks for the excellent suggestion. I never knew a phone existed with such a massive mega pixel camera! 41MP! Just having a look at the price though and wow, the 808 PureView is expensive! £250 on Amazon.

Anonymous said...

41mp is huge but I wonder what type of sensor it uses. must be a goodish one looking at the sample images on googleimages

Anonymous said...

nokia? is that some species of dinosaur? never heard of it

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